A keypad lock that locks every time the door is closed!
2230 Keyless Latch Bolt Lock Satin Chrome Inside & Outside View

If you want a lock that locks each and every time the door is closed, then this is the lock for you. (If you want a hold back device to prevent it from locking, check out the Lockey 2435.) It is perfect for home or office use and will retrofit on to most standard doors.

The latchbolt is set in the hole in the door where the deadbolt normally goes, so this lock installs and operates very much like a standard deadbolt lock. However, the latchbolt head also contains a burglar-proof plunger for added safety.

This is single-sided lock with a keypad on one side only. If you need a double-sided lock, click here: Lockey 2230DC Double-Sided Latchbolt Lock.