Easy Open and Auto Locking Lock! The Lockey 2435 Lock is just like the 2230 Keyless Keypad Latchbolt Lock, except that it has a hold-back feature and a lever handle on the inside.

2435 Keyless Deluxe Latch Bolt Hold Back Feature This lock is installed and operated very much like a standard latchbolt lock—it is installed in the hole in the door where the latchbolt would normally go.

Like all our latchbolt locks, this model comes with a burglar-proof plunger that slides along the inside of the latchbolt and provides added safety. If installed properly, a burglar won't be able to open your door with a credit card or knife blade.

The hold-back feature holds the latchbolt in a retracted position, inside the door. This can be a wonderful temporary convenience whenver you are going in and out a lot. And the lever handle on the inside gives you leverage for easier turning.