When a Deadbolt Won't Work...

The locking mechanism of the Lockey C120 is not a deadbolt or latchbolt, but rather a slider bar that moves back and forth to open and close the lock. Instead, it is a surface mounted lock which means it will work on doors that are too thin to accommodate a deadbolt or latchbolt inserted into the edge of the door.

Great for Cabinets!
Because it is surface-mounted, this combination lock works really well anywhere that a hole for a deadbolt cannot be made in the door like on a thin cabinet door. This is the perfect lock to keep personal items hidden, keep kids out of the liquor cabinet, or for security purposes.

Extends Out a Long Distance and Has a Wide Tolerance of Error:
The slider bar extends out much further than a deadbolt or latchbolt. It even comes in two sizes: short or long, to fit almost any application. This means it will work on doors with a much wider gap between the door and the surrounding frame.

100% Weatherproof:
This lock is completely mechanical so it needs no batteries, wires, or electrical power of any kind and will work flawlessly in all kinds of weather. Install it and forget about maintenance. It just keeps working and working.

Life-Time Mechanical Warranty
Like all our Lockey locks that don't have a key over ride, this lock has a full Life-Time Mechanical Warranty from the manufacturer. A hard-to-find feature these days!

Comes with Everything You Need
This lock comes complete with everything you need for installation, including all mounting instructions, brackets, and trim plates.

Looking for a Lock for a Large or Heavy Gate or Door?
This is lock is specifically designed for a cabinet door so it is small to fit. If you have a large or heavy gate, we recommend the same style lock, but in a model that is larger and sized for that application, such as: