iButton Eternity E6
The E6 iButton Front View The E6 iButton Back View
Outside          Inside

4 ways to open:
  • iButton
  • Keypad
  • iButton/keypad
  • Metal key
Uses 4 AA batteries
easily accessible,
just slide off the
black face plate
on the inside

Our Newest iButton Lock!

iButton Eternity E6 Lock has just been released and it is our most affordable, lever handle iButton lock! It features a stronger, more durable handle.

The E6 has the same features as all our other iButton locks. As such, it is completely compatibile and can be used interchangeably and will function the same way. It just has a more durable handle and a lower price tag.

Like all the other iButton locks, you can program this lock on its kepad or with your PC if you purchase PT63 iButton PC Software with Audit Trail Kit (see details below).

The iButton Eternity E6 also works with JobClock, TimePilot, and AccessPilot Access Control Systems.