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Lockey Wine/Liquor Bottle Combination lock

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Lockey PT39 Combination Bottle Lock

Keyless, Combination Bottle Lock

GREAT FOR PARTIES! This lock is designed to fit into a bottle and keep those who you don't want in the bottle, out. It features a combination on the top of the lock that you can customize to your own unique code. How does it work? Simple, when the lock is in the bottle, the bottom of the lock with expand to press against the sides of the bottle neck holding it in place. Then when the correct combination is entered into the lock, the lock releases its grip and allows you to pull it out. Just like a high tech cork!


  • Never again worry about you kids getting into the liquor
  • Feel safe having open bottle laying around the house
  • No batteries required!


Locking and Unlocking

This lock features a simple four digit, turn dial combination code that can be set to a custom combination at any time.

Installation Instructions

Follow this link for quick and easy instructions regarding your lock: PT39 Bottle Lock- Installation Instructions