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WEBtec-3 Internet Capable or Stand-alone Access Control System


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  • INSTALLATION: surface-mounted on wall.
  • KEY OVERRIDE: not available.
  • KEYPAD: single-sided (on one side only).
  • NETWORK: Internet enabled.
  • POWER REQUIRED: 120/240V.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: high security if no key override.
  • USAGE: light-duty commercial.

with Keypad, Color Display, Mifare Smart Card, & Fob Reader (Built in Video Camera optional)


  • 1,000 User Capacity
  • Uses Phillips Mifare Smart Cards/Fobs & Pin Code Access modes
  • A 2.8" color display screen on each WEBtec-3 unit
  • Slim and compact design
  • Supports optional, built-in POE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Built in Door Bell alert button
  • Programmable F1-F4 function keys
  • Optional video camera support including snapshot taken & streaming video output for monitoring/security purpose
  • The Access Manager software provides 24x7 complete web-based management. Gather information from any location, at any time, just by logging onto the browser via the web. Adding/editing users is an easy process, as is managing access groups, departments, open door times, door and bell schedules, and creating reports.

The WEBtec-3 can be custom configured with any one of the following authentication methods, either independently or in combination:

Authentication Methods

  • Keypad only
  • Keypad with Smart Card
  • Keypad with Fob Reader

SmartCard Technology

The WEBtec-3 is custom-configured to support the SmartCard technology of your choice: Mifare, HID Prox I/II, HID iClass, EM, Sony Felica, Legic, & CePAS.

Number of Users

Out of the box, the unit comes built-in with 1,000 user capacity. However, the WEBtec-3 can be easily upgraded to support 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 or more users by purchasing a User Capacity Upgrade Patch (call for price).

Outdoor Rating

The WEBtec-3 can be used outdoors when properly installed. It is:

  • Dust-tight
  • Protected against water jets
  • An optional stainless steel protective enclosure also available (see ACTA-Guard).

Sample Network Configuration

The diagrams below show several common configurations, however, many others are also possible. WEBtec-3 Network Configuration Diagram

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