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SRV18 - Lock Installation



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Although all our locks are designed to retrofit onto standard doors, sometimes our customers ask us if we can just do it for them. If you are located in the continental United States, we may be able to handle this for you, depending on the type of door you have and if our installer is available in your area.

Our installation fee covers the cost of us coming to your site and installing one lock on a standard wooden door and frame. If your door or door frame is non-standard, our installer will give you an estimate of any additional labor or material charges upon arrival at your site as soon as they can. Additional time will be billed at $50 per half hour. You will need to pay for a standard installation up-front, but additional charges for non-standard installations will be due upon completion of work.

When you purchase installation, there is no charge for delivery, provided your installer(s) can bring your lock(s) with them when they do the installation.

To order installation, just add this item to your shopping cart. If you are ordering more than one lock, be sure to indicate how many locks you want us to install.

For all installations, please include a brief description of the type of door(s) and lock(s) that you currently have at your location. You may include this on your order or email it to us later at:

For non-standard installations, it would also be helpful if you would also send us a photo of your door and strike, if you can. Place a ruler next to your lock and strike when you take your photos so we can tell the scale and dimensions.

After we receive your installation order, we will call you to confirm the details and make final arrangements for an on-site visit, so be sure to let us know when we can reach you and at what number.

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