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LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat

WiFi Enabled_

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The LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat is sleek, 7-day programmable, Cloud-based, WiFi-enabled thermostat with touch screen controls. It allows you to control your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Home owners and rental property managers can take finally get control over their heating and cooling costs!

Instant Energy Savings:

  • Want to reduce your heating or cooling costs? Program the LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat to begin just prior to guest check-in and return to lower energy levels at checkout.

Know What's Going On:

  • Are your guests changing the thermostat program or running the AC all day long? Set up alerts to be notified on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer when certain conditions are met or exceeded.
  • Track sudden temperature changes and adjust your WiFi programmable thermostat accordingly.

No Proprietary Hardware:

  • Don't want to buy yet another device to maintain? No problem. The LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat uses your own router. No additional hardware is needed.
  • Save time and money up front and over the years.

Fast, Easy Set Up:

  • Don't want something complicated? You set up LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat just like you would a laptop in a coffee shop. There is even free phone support. Watch our Easy Installation Video.

Works with Nearly any HVAC System

  • The LockState RemoteLock WiFi Thermostat works with nearly any HVAC system – including traditional furnaces and heat pumps.

Compatible with Other LockState Devices

  • Uses LockState's Connect Home Automation System so one website / login will manage all your devices.

Power Requirements

  • Uses power from the furnace (“C” or “Common” wire) to power the thermostat in order to run the Wi-Fi module.
  • Or, if you do not have a C-Wire, you can use a 24VAC Transformer

Which Model is Right for You?

Economy Model Deluxe Model
Controllable Devices:
All popular residential HVAC systems (including heat pumps and auxiliary heat)
All popular residential HVAC systems (including heat pumps and auxiliary heat), plus external air baffle, humidifier, dehumidifier
Stages of Heating:
Stages of Cooling:
Auto Heat/Cool Change Over:


Consumables Indicators:
Air filter
Air filter, humidifier pads, UV bulbs
Number of Schedules Available:
Full Lock:
Partial Lock:
Yes, with temperature variance limit
Touchscreen Stylus Included:
Cloud-Based Software Subscription:


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