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Ring Stick Up Cam

30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather High Security WiFi Enabled_


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  • Works on every home - with or without a doorbell.
  • Includes 1-way camera and 2-way microphone so you can see, hear, and speak with your visitors.
  • Quick and easy self-install.
  • Wi-Fi works with your existing router.
  • Uses HD video camera with motion detection and low-light sensors.
  • Cloud-based video storage option.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Wire-free, uses rechargeable batteries that last about 1 year.


    The Ring Stick Up Cam is a low-light WiFi video camera and a motion detector that works with your Smart Phone or computer. It will make your house look, sound, and even feel like you are always home.


    1. Works on any home–with or without a doorbell.
    2. Use your existing WiFi router - no extra hardware needed.
    3. Works with Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Chime (see below) or operates stand-alone.
    4. Quick and easy self install - just 2 screws.
    5. Get instant mobile alerts when motion sensors detect activity on your property.
    6. Free app is available for iOS, Android, or Windows 10.
    7. Listen to and speak with the person at your door thorough the 2-way speaker.
    8. See and identify visitors clearly even at night with the night-vision, wide-angled HD video camera.
    9. Lock or unlock your door with the press of a button (with a LockState WiFi Lock - see below).
    10. Customize motion zones and sensitivity.
    11. See live view at any time.

    Cloud-Based Account (optional)

    1. Review video stored in the Cloud instantly using the Ring App or on your computer.
    2. Share video with family or friends.
    3. Costs about $3/month or $30/annually for 6 months of video recordings. Click for full details.
    4. Built-in rechargeable battery
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