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WEBtec SmartCards/Key FOBs (sold in packs of 25 cards)


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Units:  25

Get WEBtec SmartCards & FOBs by the pack & save!

These SmartCards and Key FOBs are used in conjunction with our WEBtec devices.

WEBtec SmartCards and Key FOBs do not need to actually touch a device to open it. Instead, simply hold them close to a WEBtec device and they will automatically open it, provided that the device has been pre-programmed to recognize the card/FOB and allow access at the given date and time.

SmartCards can be purchased with pre-cut slots on one end so that they can be attached to a lanyard or clip. They can also be special ordered in the form of a waterproof bracelet that can be worn on the wrist, making them ideal for a swimming pool, summer camp, or senior citizen residence.

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