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Essex Drill Guide for AKE-5 Keypad Door Lock

This is a heavy-duty aluminum plate with pre-drilled holes & mounting hardware which is handy to have when installing an Essex AKE-5 Keypad Door Lock for Cars. Use this sturdy metal guide so that you drill the holes in exactly the right places.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather All Mechanical-needs no electricity

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  • DOOR TYPE: vehicles - cars & SUVs; vehicles - RVs, trucks, and buses.
  • FINISHES: silver.
  • HANDEDNESS: reversible (can be installed on left or right side).
  • NETWORK: none (standalone).
  • POWER REQUIRED: none, this product is 100% mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Essex's keypad locks for vehicles.
  • USAGE: vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, busses).
  • WARRANTY: 2-Year.
  • WEATHER: 100% weatherproof .


This handy yet simple device makes it easy to install an Essex AKE-5 Keypad Door Lock. No need to worry about putting holes in the wrong places in your vehicle's door. Just use this instead of the paper template that comes in the box. Get it right the first time!

You'll be glad you did!