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Lockey Key-Safe Keypad Box

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PT31 Lockey Key Safe Box

The Key Safe Box is a small box with a combination lock on the front, which can be removed after entering the code.

This Key Safe Box is similar to our M210 lock in the use of a combination, however instead of locking your home it is used to secure your keys or other small items.

The safe provides a easy-to-locate and secure place to store your keys. It is ideal for securely storing keys for your home, shed, garage, filing cabinet, yard equipment, and more.

The safe also provides a convenient way to share keys for a remote location when a physical transfer of the keys would be difficult or even impossible.

In addition, it is ideal for giving a realtor access to your keys, emergency access to storefronts, and vacation homes.

  • Hacksaw-proof, bump-proof and unpickable.
  • Never again worry about lost, stolen or copied keys.
  • AC power, wires, or batteries aren't needed--this safe is completely mechanical.
  • Power failures don't affect it.
  • And best of all, the first time you change the combination, this safe will pay for itself by saving the cost of a locksmith.

Safe Features

This keyless combination safe has an elegant design, completely weatherproof finishes, and pick-proof security. It operates easily and you can change the combination quickly.

Locking and Unlocking

Using all our key safe boxes is quick and easy. To unlock, simply type in your secret code on the keypad and turn the knob to open the box. You'll be amazed at how easily it works!

As with all our keyless digital locks, this safe is all mechanical and requires no keys, wires, or batteries to operate. This safe is completely weatherproof and can withstand all types of weather.


Key Safe Box

Keyless, Key Pad, Combination Entry Door Deadbolt Lock

Outside Safe Box (without thumb turn)
4-7/8 in
1-1/2 in
7/8 in
Inside Safe Box
1-1/2 in
4 in
1/2 in
Outside Thumb Turn
1 in
1/4 in
1 in
Inside Thumb Turn
Trim Plate
Strike Plate
Inside safe Box and Thumb Turn
Outside Safe Box and Thumb Turn    
4-7/8 in
1-1/2 in
1-7/8 in


Products and Service That You Can Trust

Beware of the off-brand copies of this lock or locks being auctioned off at large discounts.

  • The locks we sell are the original Lockey Brand locks which have been the most reliable locks on the market for years and which have been consistently improved over time.
  • Every lock we sell is brand-new unless specfically marked "Clearance" and offered with a full description of any variances and at a discount price, so you know what you are getting.

Our locks also have a new 7-coat finish, heavy duty zinc alloy, stainless steel and brass components and new, changeable brass combination pins.

And our 5-Year and LifeTime Warranties demonstrate just how reliable we think these locks really are.

If you want security, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer service you have come to the right place

Want us to set your initial secret code?

It is easy. Simply add the item SRV02 Custom Lock Programing Service to your order and enter your custom code when you check out in the "Special Instructions" box. Your safe will be pre-programmed before shipping.

PT31 Lockey Key Safe Box