E5-RF Proximity Card Keyless Entry Door Lock

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The E5-RF Proximity Card Lock is our newest model and has a Proximity Card reader built in!

The E5-RF Proximity Card Lock has most of the features of it's sister lock (the E4 Heavy-Duty, Commercial-Grade Keypad Combination Entry Door Lock), but at roughly half the price.


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E5-RF Card PDF
E5-RF Proximity Card Lock Information & Programming
Easy-to-See Keypad
  • Color-coded LED: The E5-RF Proximity Card Lock has a color-coded LED blink feature on this door lock make it easy to use, even in the dark.
  • Power Conservation Mode: The lock can be turned off which will extend the battery life beyond the average of 10,000+ operations, which for most users is longer than 18 months.
  • Keypad won't wear off: The numbers on the key pad are underneath the clear buttons on the E5-RF Promixity Card Lock, so they won't wear off over time, like other brands.
4-Ways to Open

You can open this Proximity Card door lock 4 different ways:

  • Proximity Card only
  • Key pad only
  • Proximity Card and keypad
    (in combination for extra security)
  • Metal key
Loaded with Many Helpful Features
  • Users can be deteled one-at-a-time: Users can be temporarily disabled or deleted one-by-one or in groups without affecting other users on the lock.
  • Right or Left-Handed: The E5-RF Proximity Card Lock is ambidextrous, which means it can be adjusted for a left or right handed door.
  • Internal Clock: This lock has an internal computer that keeps track of time, so you can set up access time zones. This would allow access during only certain date/time ranges. The internal clock chip will keep the time running, so there is no need to reset it unless you change your time zone. It can even handle Daylight Savings time.
  • one time use codes: You can program the E5-RF Proximity Card Lock with up to 10 one time use codes, which is useful if you want to allow a guest entry only 1 time.
  • temporarily lock out: You can also temporarily lock out all users on the E5-RF Proximity Card Lock in case of an emergency.
  • automatically lock and unlock: You can have the E5-RF Proximity Card Lock automatically lock and unlock at a specified time each day.
2-Modes of Operation

The E5-RF Proximity Card Lock has two convenient operational modes:

  1. Storeroom Mode: This is the most commonly used mode where a valid entry (a proximity card, keypad, or proximity card/keypad combination) is required each time to open the lock.
  2. Passage Mode: This is a useful mode to use when you are going in and out a lot. When passage mode is enabled and your door closes. It will be latched, but not locked. To use this, just enable Passage Mode, then enter any valid entry (a proximity card, keypad, or proximity card/keypad combination) and your lock will remain unlocked until it receives another valid entry.
Specification Summary
1. Bolt Adjustable latch bolt, U. L. Listed, solid brass
2. Back Set Adjustable 2-3/8" or 2-3/4"
3. Key Pad Weather Proof Keypad
4. Key Way SC4 Schlage 6-pin key way; can be disabled or replaced with a standard SFIC-type key cylinder
5. Handle Non-handed
6. Users Up to 200
7. Proximity Card MiFare
8. Deletion Individually or in batches, without affecting other users
9. Enrollment Controlled from key pad
10. Latch Adjustable
2-3/8" and 2-3/4" back set
U.L. listed; solid brass
11. Key Pad 12 buttons
12. Key Override SC4 Schlage 6 pin key, can be disabled or replace with your own SFIC
13. Power Supply 4 standard AA batteries
14. Battery Life 10,000 or more operations, (usually 18+ months, depending on usage); visual and audio low battery warning usually 1-2 weeks in advance when when system drops below 4.8 volts.
15. Finish Sliver
16. Lock Modes Storeroom (auto-lock) mode or Passage (temporarily unlocked) mode
17. Hole in Door Standard 2-1/8" diameter
18. Material Zinc Alloy
19 Installation Do-It-Yourself
20. Temperature 0 degrees F to 120 degrees F (-18 degrees C to 50 degrees C)
21. Exposure The outside body of the lock is weather resistant but not weatherproof. It is going to be exposed to harsh weather, we suggest you purchase a PT66 iButton Protector. The inside body of the lock should be protected from exposure to water.
22. Door Thickness 1-3/8" - 1-3/4"
23. Memory Retention Flash memory never loses memory even without power. Just reset the time--the E5-RF will retain your users and codes.
24. Warranty 1 Year
Interchangeable Keyway
  • The mechanical key way is a standard Schlage SFIC (type of key) which can also be exchanged for one of your own, so that you can use your own propriety master key.
  • Or, this key way can be completely disabled, for added protection against lock picking and lock bumping. This is done by the manufacturer prior to shipping, so be sure to specify this in the special instructions box at checkout when you place your order.
Retrofits on Standard Door

Like all locks that we carry, this lock is designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation on standard residential and commercial hinged doors.

Just remove the existing door handle or deadbolt and insert this one in its place. The batteries are in the inside lock body, so there is no external wiring to be done. .

User Proximity

User Proximity Cards are used to open Proximity Card locks, once they are setup. Simply wave the key tags past the locks and it will automatically open. The card must be close (1-2 inches) to the card reader on the lock to be opened.


This lock does not come with the Software version option that the E5 or E4 iButton Locks come with. If you need to be able to track who enters your door or if you have a lot of user codes to program, please take a look at some of our other products. Here are some links:



Downloadable Lock Documentation

This item is shipped with everything you need in the box, but you can also download the documentation, if you want. Just click on any link below for a PDF verison of what is in the box:

  1. E5-RF Specifications

Lock Dimensions
Lock Body

(without handle)
6 in
2-1/2 in
3 in
Lock Body

(without handle)
6 in
2-1/2 in
2-1/2 in
Outside Handle
1 in
5 in
1-3/4 in
Inside Handle
1 in
5 in
1-3/4 in
Trim Plate
9-1/2 in
3-1/2 in
1/32 in
Strike Plate
2-1/4 in
1 in
1/2 in

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