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Lockey Replacement Lockey Tumblers (Pins)

Life-Time Mechanical Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather All Mechanical-needs no electricity



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The first few numbers of a lock model number determines the lock series. For example, a 2200 lock would be part of the 2000-Series. Each Series includes single and double-sided locks.

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  • BOLT TYPE: dead-locking spring-loaded latchbolt (locks automatically, has burglar-proof plunger); deadbolt (must be locked manually).
  • HANDLE: lever handle and hold-back slider switch on inside; lever handle on both sides; reversible lever handle (use on right or left side of door); round, flat knob on inside; round, flat knob on outside; thumb turn on inside and outside.
  • MAX CODES AT 1 TIME: 1 per keypad.
  • NETWORK: none (standalone).
  • POWER REQUIRED: none, this product is 100% mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey 1000 Series; Lockey 2000 Series; Lockey 2900 Series; Lockey 3000 Series; Lockey C Series; Lockey M Series; Lockey P Series.
  • USAGE: commercial; residential use.
  • WARRANTY: Life-Time Mechanical .
  • WEATHER: 100% weatherproof .


PT05 Extra Tumblers 

For Keyless Keypad Push-Button Combination Entry Locks


WANT A LONGER OR SHORTER SECRET CODE? Our locks are shipped with 5 red, 8 blue and 1 silver (for clear) tumblers. This allows for a 5 digit code. If you would like to change the secret code on your keyless entry lock to use more or less letters/numbers than is standard, then you will need a package of extra tumblers.

Extra lock tumblers come in a package of 2 reds and 4 blues. The reds are code tumblers and the blues are non-code tumblers. This will allow secret codes to be from 1 to 7 letters/numbers.