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Lockey PT10 Extra Latchbolts (spring or magnetic)

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(1) Deadbolts must be locked manually. (2) Latchbolts lock automatically. (3) Deadbolts are not available on locks with an inside lever handle. (4) All bolts are field-reversable and can be used on either left or right side of doors. (5) Magnetic latchbolts are available for Lockey 1100 & 1600 Series locks. These stand up better to rough handling. To order, scroll down to Related Items at bottom and click PT10 Extra Lockey Latchbolt.

(1) Adjustable bolts fit either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backsets. See diagram below. (2) Magnetic latchbolts are not available with an adjustable backset--please specify either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" when ordering a magnetic latchbolt.

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PT10 Lockey Latchbolt 

Keyless, Key Pad, Combination Entry Door Latchbolt


If you want to keep an extra latchbolt on hand, you can order one here. This is the same latchbolt that comes in the standard package of parts shipped with all latchbolt locks, so you don't need to order it separately unless you want an extra one.

Lockey Latchbolts

If you have a Lockey lock, you will need to order a Lockey latchbolt if you want a spare or a replacement. They come in 2 basic types:

  1. Spring Latchbolt Lockey Spring Latchbolt

    This is a dead-locking spring latch bolt. This means it has a dead latch mechanism, called a plunger, which slides in and out along its top side. When the door is closed, the strike plate presses in the plunger and prevents the latchbolt from opening independently of the handle. When properly installed, dead-locking latchbolts cannot be opened by sliding a credit card between the door and the door frame.

    Spring latchbolts are normally extended when the door is ajar. As the door is closed, they come into contact with the strike plate. This pushes the spring latchbolt into a retracted position until the door lines up with the hole in the strike plate. Spring latchbolts can take quite a beating on heavy gates or doors that are slammed shut.


    Lockey Spring Latchbolt Dimensions

           Height of Face Plate:      2-1/4 in
    Width of Face Plate: 1 in
    Length of Spring Latchbolt: 4 in
    Diameter of Spring Latchbolt: 3/4 in
    Protrusion: 1/2 in

  2. Magnetic Latchbolt

    A magnetic latchbolt has a small but quite strong magnet in the extended end of the latchbolt and another one in the special strike plate that comes with it. This type of latchbolt is normally retracted inside the lock until the door is closed and the latchbolt is lined up with the strike plate in the door frame. When everything lines up, the attraction between the two magnets pulls the latch bolt out of the door and into the strike plate box which latches and locks the door.

    Lockey Magnetic Latchbolt

    This type of latchbolt will hold up much better than a spring latchbolt on heavy doors and gates and in high traffic areas because it is retracted and is not hit each time the door is closed. The magnetic bolt is also a bit stronger than a spring latchbolt because it is a little longer and does not have a diagonally cut face. Instead, it is shaped more like a deadbolt.

    Lockey Magnetic Latchbolt with Strike Plate Kit

    Magnetic latchbolts are only available on the Lockey 1150 and 1600 Heavy-Duty Locks.

    Magnetic latchbolts require a small modification in order to be used with a Lockey Gatebox. The rectangular face plate of the latchbolt has to be trimmed off slightly so that it will fit flush on the gate box.


    Lockey Magnetic Latchbolt Dimensions

           Height of Face Plate:      2-3/8 in
    Width of Face Plate: 1 in
    Total Length (when extended): 4 in
    Diameter of Magnetic Latchbolt: 3/4 in
    Protrusion: 5/8 in


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