Lockey 2230DC Double-Sided Latchbolt
Keypad Push-Button Combination Entry Door Lock

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2230DC Double-Sided Latchbolt

Keyless Keypad Combination Entry Door Latchbolt Lock

High-Security Model

MORE SECURE FOR POOLS & GARDEN GATES! This double-sided keyless combination lock is most commonly used on play areas, pool gates, garden gates, or fences, in short, any access door that requires a combination to enter AND to exit.

The double-sided combination lock can be programmed with same or different combinations on either side.

This lock has a spring latchbolt that will automatically lock itself when the gate is closed. To unlock, simply enter your secret code and turn the knob to retract the spring latch.



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  • Comes with a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.
  • Hacksaw-proof, bump-proof and unpickable.
  • Never again worry about lost, stolen or copied keys.
  • AC power, wires, or batteries aren't needed--this lock is completely mechanical. Therefore, power failures don't affect lock.
  • Easy installation on standard doors.
  • Mechanical reliability.
  • Completely weatherproof finishes. Be sure to select the Marine Grade finish for salt-water environments.
  • And best of all, the first time you change the combination, this lock will pay for itself by saving the cost of a locksmith.

Setting your Secret Code

Please note this lock is shipped with 5 red (code) and 11 blue (non-code) tumblers. This allows for a 5 digit code. If you would like to use more or less letter/numbers, please add PT05 Tumblers to your cart.

Want us to set your initial secret code? Simply select the "Custom" option under the Initial Secret Code section below and enter your desired custom code (no repeating digits) in the text box. Your code can be anywhere between 3 and 5 digits.

Lock Features

  • This lock is a latchbolt lock, which means it locks automatically when the door is shut.
  • A keypad and knob handle on both the inside and outside bodies.
  • This lock can be used on doors from 1-3/16" to 2" thick. If your door is between 2" to 5" please order the 2000 Series PT12 Lockey Extension Kit.
  • Comes with a 2 3/4" or 2 3/8" backset. An adjustable backset upgrade is available for a small fee. If you are planning to use this lock with our PT01 Lockey Gate Box, be sure to order the 2-3/8" deadbolt.
  • Covers a 2-1/8" hole.
  • This lock can be changed from right to left hand doors.
  • We offer a PT02 Lockey Oversized Knob for this lock that fits over the outside knob.
  • This lock is compatible with Adams-Rite, Sargent, Schlage and most any lock that has a 90 degree turn radius.
  • For safety reasons, we recommend NOT using this lock on exit doors that require emergency exiting.


This replaces or can be used with your existing deadbolt, latchbolt, or dummy lever. Please click here to view our optional PT34 Lever Dummy Handles or our PT35 Lever Passage Handles.

Click to view the Installation Instructions that come with each purchase.

Locking and Unlocking

Using all our keyless digital locks is quick and easy. This particular lock has a knob handle, on both the inside and outside bodies, to open the door. To unlock from the inside and outside, simply type in your secret code on the keypad and turn the knob to the right to retract the latchbolt and open the door. It couldn't be easier

Key Overrides

A key override is a handy option that lets you lock and unlock these locks using a key OR a combination. This is really great if you have multiple locks with different combinations.

  • Key Override for 2000 Series Keyless Entry Lock
    2000 Series Lock
    with Key  Override option
    A key override is available on most 2000 series locks.
  • If you order more than one lock with the key override option, you have the option to have them keyed alike or keyed differently.
  • Locks with key overrides are installed exactly the same way as regular locks. If you want to make additional key copies, please order the PT19 Lockey Key Blank.
  • Lockey key override locks cannot be keyed alike to any other brand.
  • This popular item is available in most finishes. Please see below for available finishes.
  • The additional cost is added at the time you add an item to your cart.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty does not apply to locks with key override.

Lock Dimensions

2230DC Latchbolt

Keyless, Key Pad, Combination Entry Door Deadbolt Lock

Outside Lock Body (without knob)
5-1/2 in
1-5/8 in
7/8 in
Outside Lock Body (with knob)
5-1/2 in
1-5/8 in
2 in
Inside Lock Body (without thumb turn)
5-1/2 in
1-5/8 in
7/8 in
Inside Lock Body (with lever thumb turn)
1-5/8 in
2 in
Outside Knob
1-3/4 in
1-3/4 in
1-1/8 in
Inside Thumb Turn
1-3/8 in
1/2 in
3/4 in
Trim Plate
6-1/2 in
2-1/2 in
1/4 in
Strike Plate
1 in
2-11/16 in
7/16 in
3-3/8 in
1/4 in
1/8 in
Diameter of hole for spindle (aka "tail piece")
1/2 in

Note: If you are going to install this lock underneath an existing dead bolt, you will need at least 5-3/4 inches from the bottom of the dead bolt down to the center of the large 2-1/8 inch hole for this lock.


2230DC Double-Sided Latchbolt

Keyless, Key Pad, Combination Entry Door Latchbolt Lock

High-Security Model

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Lifetime Warranty voided on key override locks. Double-sided locks have a keyhole on outside only.

ShipToday! service is not available with locks that are keyed alike

Please note: not needed with key override option which automatically includes an oversized knob.

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Note: for installation on a gate where there is no mounting surface. Click here for details.

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Numbers & letters can only be used once (1234 is ok, but not 1123 or 1213).

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