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LockState RemoteLock LS-6i - WiFi-Enabled

Jason C.
Expensive smartlock but well worth it.

All of the features worked as advertised, and installation was not too difficult. You'll need to pay for the monthly fee for the online programming and notifications. My only compliant is that the lock does not have a native Android app (yet); it does for iOS. So you'll need to the use your browser on android phones to access the web system.

Jun 09, 2016...

Eternity E6 iButton Lock with Lighted Keypad

this is the second time i've purchased this for the doors on the electrical room and trash room of my property buildings. I have a set in all 4 buildings now. They are perfect, no problems, last long and are very pleasing to the eye for a very low price. None of the techs have every complained about malfunctions and ordering it a second time and getting all three keys to match was a breeze. ...

PT62 iButton Key Tags for Eternity Locks

Fatima Naseeri
PT62 iButton Key Tags for Eternity iButton Locks

Lockey 2210 Deadbolt Lock

Roderick B Carroll
Great product. I was immediately impressed by the weight and feel of the mechanism. The rubber gasket worked very well to cover my existing hole. I am writing because the 2210 functioned even after a freezing rain left a thin ice coating. The buttons required some effort to break the ice coating, but the mechanism was not affected. What a great replacement for my KwikSet battery operated unit (I had two fail)....

Lockey 2835 Lever-Handle Latchbolt Lock

Bruce Peters
I wish I had bought this product 25 years ago. My wife wanted it and fortunately I bought 2. Because, once I saw the advantages I installed it on two doors. After six months I had a minor problem with one , I reviewed the instructions and found that I had caused the problem by hitting a wrong took all of 5 seconds to correct the error. The keyless lock people are extremely helpful...

Lockey 1150 Lever-Handle Latchbolt Lock

Steven Bell
My original order was a 2835 model lock. It was not quite what I was looking for so I arranged to have it returned and then purchased the 1150 series. The 1150 model is of excellent quality and value for the money. More importantly, the staff at the Keyless Lock Store provided me with outstanding product support during the return and purchase process. I am very pleased with my new lock and can't say enough about the excellent service provide to me by the staff. Thank you. Steve....