Here are some of the advantages WiFi Locks have:


  • Perfect for families with kids.
  • Give each kid their own code.
  • Get text alerts at work when your kids come home.
  • No keys to hide under the door mat.
  • Nothing to carry, loose, or have stolen.
  • Open your door remotely from almost anywhere to let the neighbor in to walk your dog.
  • Lock or unlock your door any time from anywhere you have Web access.
  • Change the codes whenever you want on the lock itself standalone or or online.


Perfect for Rental Properties

  • Create codes for guest access that only work for duration of their stay.
  • Lock or unlock your unit remotely.
  • Know who enters your property and when.
  • Receive text alerts when codes are used.
  • Issue new codes or delete codes from your computer or phone
  • Give temporary or one-time use codes to maintenance or housekeeping staff.


Easy-to-Use Software

  • View, create, modify, or delete codes remotely from your desktop computer, tablet, or SmartPhone.
  • Lock or unlock your door in seconds.
  • Monitor the status of your lock in easy to use software.
  • Create access codes that only work at certain days & times or only work once.


Smart Design

  • Takes 4 standard AA batteries.
  • Batteries typically last over a year.
  • Designed and built with bank-level security for maximum protection
  • Compatible with the complete line of LockState Connect products, including WiFi thermostats, cameras, power plug strips, & routers.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Click for details.

WiFi Lock Installation/Programming Manual

WiFi Lock Installation Video