Below is all the information you need to know about the Web Access Plans:

Although you can freely program your lock on the keypad, controlling your device over the Web is simple, easy, and most importantly, cheap. LockState offers two types of plans:

Basic Plan Starts at: $.99 / month for the first device
Starts at:
$1.98 / month for the first device

With the basic plan, you get complete control of your device from the LockState Web-based portal. This means you will be able to lock and unlock your door remotely or send our lock a new user code for your neighbor to use. If you have a LockState WiFi thermostat, for example, you could raise and lower the temperature of your home or send a new 7-day schedule to your thermostat. All basic control is included in with the Basic plan.

With the Premium plan, you get all of the features of the Basic plan, plus the Email/Text Message Alerts feature. This means you will be able to receive a text message any time a code is used to unlock your door. Or, you could also receive an email when the temperature at your house goes below a specific degree.

For each additional device you want to control remotely, there is an extra $.99 a month fee. For instance, if you have a LockState WiFi door lock and a LockState WiFi thermostat, the Basic service plan would be $2.97 a month ($1.98 + $0.99).

The charge for your service, whether you chose Basic or Premium, is billed annually. This a non-refundable charge billed at the time you create your account and then billed annually on that date moving forward.

Full instructions on how to sign up for this service are included in the box with each WiFi lock.