A Heavy-Duty Lock for a Resort, Apartment, or Condo Rental!

If you want a lock that you can program remotely and that is heavy-duty and commerical grade, then the ResortLock RL4000 is the one for you.

It's ultra-secure, yet allows you to create new access codes over the Internet. The access codes can have specific starting and ending dates and times, all setup remotely, without any wires or Internet connections between you and the lock.

With this lock, you, the ower, can create user codes via an online program, on the lock itself or on a program you can download right on to your computer. In each case, a special 12 digit code is generated by the lock using an algorithm. You give that 12 digit code to your guest and they type it in to the lock. If entered correctly, they are prompted to make up their own short code to use, if they want, rather than the long 12 digit code. The perfect solution to make you and your guests happy.

The RL4000 offers all the same great management features as the RL-2000 with a more rugged all-weather construction for harsher elements. If your front door is directly exposed to weather conditions or near the ocean, the RL4000 is your best option because of the special coating to help prevent rust and corrosion. It also provides added durability for heavy use and a reversible handle to fit either a left-handed or right-handed door setup. Other minor differences are the RL-2000 keypad fully lights up when buttons are pressed, the RL4000 has an iridescent keypad (meaning it glows in the dark). The functionality are the exact same in each lock.

Don't need a heavy-duty lock and want something less expensive? Click here and take a look at the ResortLock RL2000.