2985DC Keyless Adams Rite Latchbolt Lock

Replaces an Adams Rite Lock

The 2985DC is a mortise (recessed) latchbolt lock with a keypad on both sides, and this one has a lever handle. It is designed to fit on a door or gate with a narrow frame. Because of its dimensions, it can be used to replace an Adams Rite lock.

The 2985DC will prevent unauthorized people from entering AND exiting. This is great for a pool area or on a fence where people can reach through the rungs.

This lock also has a Passage Function. You will need to know the code to enable Passage Mode, but once enabled, you will be able to open it without a code.

Like all our Lockey keyless mechanical locks, this lock requires no power, is 100% weather proof, unpickable, unbumpable, and comes with a Life-Time Manufacturer's Warranty.

A matching gatebox (see below) is also available to make installation quick and easy.