A high-security surface-mount lock that won't break your budget!
M220 Keyless Surface Mount Lock Inside and Outside View

The M220 is one of the newer additions to our product line and it's our most economically-priced deadbolt lock.

This surface-mount lock is the same quality as the popular 2200 Surface-Mount Lock, but with a few less buttons and a thumb turn instead of a knob handle. It is also a smaller size, so it fits in smaller places and costs a little less.  It's considered a high-security model because without a key hole, it can't be picked or bumped.

The locking mechanism of this lock is not a deadbolt, but a sliding bar that moves back and forth to open and close the lock. The bar comes in two sizes: short or long, to fit almost any application. This lock comes complete with everything you need including all mounting instructions, brackets, and trim plates.