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If you are looking for a lock that can be opened without a key, you are in the right place.

We carry a unique selection of high quality locks that can be opened with a keypad, WiFi, SmartCard, Key Fob, or even your fingerprint. These locks can be used on your home, office, storefront, pool gate, car, truck, or even RV.

We've got really great products, prices, and customer service! Need proof? See our customer reviews.

Need Help Finding a Lock?

If you need help finding just the right lock for you, click on the links below:

  • How to Choose a Lock is a handy guide that will step you through the process. This is especially handy if you know what you want, but you don't know how to describe it.
  • Lock Comparison Table will show you a table of popular lock features so you can easily identify which locks have the features you want. The table makes it easy compare the differences between lock models.

Looking for Better Security?

Our keyless door locks are more secure than a traditional keyed lock. They can't be picked or bumped because they do not have a key hole. And, our dead bolts and latch bolts are hacksaw-proof, too.

Want Convenience, Quality and Affordability?

Our locks can be opened with secret code, so you don't have to carry around a key that could be lost, stolen, or copied. Some of our locks can also be opened with a key-chain fob, proximity card, a fingerprint or even remotely with a SmartPhone, tablet, or desktop PC using the WiFi router in your building. Most of our keyless mechanical locks come with a Life-Time Warranty and prices start at around $50 to $100 depending on the model you choose. We even have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee so you can return your order for up to 30-days.

Want an Outdoor Lock for a Pool or Garden Gate?

We have a full line of single or double-sided locks that can take any kind of weather , including tough salt-water conditions. And we've got a selection of gate boxes to make installation easier as well as gate closers for small to heavy gates to prevent unnecessary damage to your lock while making sure they close and lock each time they are used.

Need to Secure Your Business?

Gotcha covered there, too! Whether you have one employee or 30,000, a single door or a double door made of solid wood, metal or glass, we have a wide variety of smart locks to choose from. Some can automatically unlock/re-lock at certain times and day. Others can keep an audit trail of when they were opened and by whom.

What Do You Get?

When you buy from us, you get everything you need to install your lock on a standard door: the inside and outside lock bodies, the rubber trim plates, the strike plate kit, the dead bolt or latch bolt, the spindle, support pins, centering pins, and of course all the screws you need.

What's in the box?
Everything you need
for a standard door prep,
even the screws!
We even have a Thick Door Kit if your door is between 2" and 5" thick and a Thin Door Kit if you want to install a keyless lock on a cabinet door.
RemoteLock LS-DB500i WiFi Keypad Deadbolt Lock
Control with your cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
Also, available as a lever handle.

Advantages of Keyless Locks:

Worry-Free Security

No keys to lose, have stolen, or copied. No wires to run. No batteries to change. No computer programming. Quick, easy-to-change combination.

Burglar-Proof Design

No key hole means these keyless, push-button, keypad, combination locks are pick-proof and bump-proof. The lock bolt is hacksaw-proof. The outside knob spins freely under heavy torque which protects the mechanism to prevent forced entry.

100 % Mechanical

Our Lockey product line of keyless, push-button, keypad, combination locks are totally mechanical and completely non-electric. No wires or batteries. This is why they have a Lifetime Warranty along with an unconditional 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Easy To Install/Use

Lockey mechanical locks locks install in just minutes. (view installation instructions).
They are simple, fast, and easy to operate. (see for yourself with our online demos).
You can set any combination of 1 to 5 letters and/or numbers and change it quickly, whenever you want. (view instructions on changing the code).

Elegant Designer Finishes

Our Lockey mechanical locks come in many beautiful finishes to complement a luxury home, modern office, or stylish garden gate or pool.
To see them side by side, just click on Colors at the top.