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Everybody knows that having a toddler in the house can be intimidating. Whether it be the terrible twos or whiny threes- twenty-four hour surveillance is unlikely. The number of potential hazards in ones home is very surprising. Keep your child safe from accidents and harm. The following links contain useful information and products to child-proof your home. Keep that little one running strong by reading up on how you can keep them safe, healthy, and happy!


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  1. Safety Ed

    Top 10 Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe at Home Here you will find some useful tips on toddler safety both indoors and outdoors...

  2. Discover Boating

    Traveling Toddlers: Keeping your Children Safe on a Boat Boating with young children isn't really all that different from putting them in the car and going out to the playground or swim park. You must have a process for preparing, traveling and enjoying your destination. You must use safety gear and take precautions...

  3. Combi Cam

    The Combi-Cam is a secure, solid metal cam lock with up to 10,000 possible combinations. The combination is easy to change with no expensive rekeying kits required.

  4. How to Choose the Most Effective Child Proof Lock

    A Child proof door lock is sometimes necessary as kids are so innocent and full of curiosity, many times they don't recognize or respect the dangers that surround us in the world today. From playing with fire, to experimenting with Draino; children don't know how to differentiate between safe "toys" and potentially dangerous elements that can be found in our own homes...

  5. Keep Kids

    Before your child is crawling, walking and becoming a lot more mobile, it would be a good time to child proof your house. Get down on all fours and search the house for potential hazards to your child.

  6. eHow- Child-proofing Your Home

    Childproof locks are a great way to keep kids out of cabinets and other unwanted areas. Learn more in this free video series that will ensure that your child stays safe in every room of your house, including your kitchen.

  7. My Precious Kid

    Keep you toddler safely away from those dangerous chemicals under the sink. Child proof your home today! The adhesive mount installation makes it ideal for any surface. To open, simply place the magnetic key on your cabinet or drawer and the lock stays open until the key is removed. Keep one key in each room that has locks.

  8. Kaboodle

    Childproofing Supplies, electrical outlet covers, nightlights, anti-tip furniture, door locks, doorknob locks, cabinet locks and latches.

  9. Kid Safe- Top Door Lock

    The Deluxe Door Top Lock rests on top of the door so tots can't reach it. A peg mounts on the door frame and the latch slides around the peg to lock and release. Perfect for interior basement doors or doors to the garage. Opens from either side of the door. Easy grip wand extensions for shorter adults. Fits all standard interior doors up to 1 3/8" thick. Not for use with exterior or over sized doors.

  10. Mama Knows- How to Child Proof Your Home

    Do you have a little one at home who is just becoming mobile? I mean – starting to crawl around at a speed you didn't think was possible and increasing the danger of getting to where baby should not be? I have put together this article on what you need to do to prevent potential injuries and eliminate dangers lurking in your home:

  11. Babie R Us

    Buy baby safety products like Cabinet Locks, Straps and many other safety related products at Babies R Us