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Apartments, Dorms, & Condos

Whether it's a home away form home or your place at the moment, safety in your place of residence should be top priority. Explore the links below- there are tips regarding the how and why to lock your apartment, dorm or condo, as well as products and other useful sites that can protect your place of residence. Have security and peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and that you are prepared.

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  1. KeyPout

    KeyPout was developed to keep your dead bolt locked even if someone has a key to your home! Homeowners, renters and condo owners have maintenance people, pest control people, and landlords that may enter their home at any time and there is nothing they can do, unless they buy the new amazing KeyPout! Order Yours Today!

  2. Surveillance For Security

    When it comes to burglary and other in-the-home crime, those of us that live in apartments are perhaps slightly more at risk than those that live in houses. This is, to an extent, because your apartment security is not completely under your own control. Security for the building itself is mainly in the control of the management.

Dorms and Campus Security

  1. Safety Central- Dorm Security Tips

    Campus and Dorm security- it is imperative to establish some sort of plan before heading off to school. Security Central offers useful and relevant tips to help protect your property from theft.

  2. Pantagraph

    The annual college shopping trip is almost upon us. And while it's fun to stock up on posters, shower caddies and desk lamps, experts say you also should consider how you'll keep yourself, and your stuff, safe on campus.

  3. Daily Illini

    With this Friday marking the start of Thanksgiving break, most of the residence halls will be emptying out, said Ben Leddy, senior in LAS and Resident Advisor in Allen Hall. Leddy said every student needs to take measures to make sure his or her dorm room stays safe from problems during break.

  4. Student Laptop Security

    Laptop Security Fails to Protect Dorm Room- ... The "unthinkable" happened just three months later: The student's laptop, as well as those belonging to his two roommates, disappeared from their dorm room. Although all three laptops were tethered to desks with security cables, the cables were simply ripped from the laptops and left behind. Campus police were not optimistic about the chances for laptop recovery when informed about the heist...

  5. Marine Locks

    Don't want your friends and Roommate to steal your food? Our LockitDown(tm) Refrigerator Door Lock Kit is very secure and easy to install. Works on refrigerators at home, shop, medical offices, RV, Boat and more. No drilling required, will not damage the internal cooling lines of the refrigerator....


  1. Reversible Fingerprint Lock

    Easy to Install, Simple to Operate. Made to accommodate right-handed and left-handed users, this reversible keyless fingerprint lock offers style and safety. By installing a keyless fingerprint lock, you are arming your home with the strongest security available: biometric fingerprint technology. Rather than handing out copied keys to workers, visitors, family, or friends, this keyless lock lets you add and delete users in seconds to prevent unwanted entry into your home or business. With keyless technology, you will never have to worry about re-keying your home or security breaches due to key duplication.

  2. BIO Fingerprint Door Lock

    Bio Fingerprint Door Lock - Attractive Door Lock Provides Unparalleled Security & Style- Condominiums are often a prime target for burglars and thieves. Why? Because they are heavily-trafficked and often insecure. Keep out thieves for good with our Keyless Lock Technology!

  3. Home Security Source

    Top Ten Cheap Home Security Tips- While some home security tips may cost too much to be practical for you, you still can't afford to take security for granted. Here are the top ten inexpensive tips to give you a start on creating comfortable, and affordable, home security.