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Benefits of a Keyless Lock

Most people carry a key chain loaded with keys— house keys, office keys, car keys, etc. Aside from the fact that this is inconvenient, there are other downsides and disadvantages. The good news is that you can get rid of most, if not all, of these keys and at the same time improve your home and business security as well.

For starters, having keys means you can lose them, and losing an entire set of keys can really ruin your day at best. At worst, you can find your home or business burglarized. Having keys also means you have to make copies for family members and employees and at some point you may lose track of how many keys you have floating around. In addition to these disadvantages, you should be aware of yet another huge downside: most traditional locks can easily be picked, bumped or manipulated. Philadelphia locksmith, Mark R., says "A lock's primary purpose is to keep you and your property secure; if it doesn't, you should be concerned."

This is where keyless locks come into play! As the name suggests, these locks do not require any keys, therefore you can say goodbye to bulky key chains. In addition, unlike traditional locks, this hardware does not have standard cylinders; in fact it has no cylinders at all, in most cases. With no cylinders, there isn't an option to pick or bump this lock.

In other words, keyless locks provide better security. Instead of a key, you will be using a pin code. You can choose your own code and change it whenever you like without the need for any special tools or skills. With a traditional lock, the equivalent of changing a code would be to re-key the cylinder; this is not something that can be done on your own as it requires both the knowledge and the proper tools to get the job done. In most cases you will need to call a locksmith, which would not only cost you money, but would also mean that you would have to wait some time until the job is done.

Keyless locks can be installed just like any standard lock. They don't require a special door or frame, meaning you can easily swap your current lock with a keyless one. In addition, keyless locks are also stand alone; this means they do not require any wiring for a power source. These locks are either mechanical, which do not require any power source at all, or electronic, which run on standard AA batteries. Mechanical keyless locks are popular among the Jewish community and are referred to as Shabbos (Saturday) locks; this is because they do not require a power source and do not require keys. According to Judaism, you cannot use any power source on Saturday, nor can you work. Even turning a key in a cylinder is considered as work.

In conclusion, the benefits are clear:

  • no keys to carry
  • higher grade of security since picking or bumping is not an option
  • codes that can be changed on your own
  • installation that is easy as installing a standard lock
  • and they are standalone, requiring no wiring.

All these benefits make it a no brainer, keyless locks are a great solution for your home or your business. Most important, that they are also affordable and most mechanical keyless locks come with a lifetime warranty, as well.