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Lockey KOS Add-On Key Override System

The Lockey KOS (Key Override System) is a product that makes is possible to unlock a Lockey 2000 Series lock with either a metal key or a code. It is installed between a lock and a door or gate. The KOS can be used in several different ways:
  1. with a single-sided Lockey 2000 Series lock (like 2210, 2200, 2500, 2830, 2835, etc.) that has a keypad on only 1 side
  2. with a double-sided Lockey 2000 Series lock (like a 2210DC, 2830DC, 2835DC, etc.) that has a keypad on BOTH sides.
  3. or on both sides of the door, as long as the overall thickness of the locks plus the gate or door plus the KOSs is under 5 inches. This is because the extension kit will only work on doors or gates that are up to 5” thick and each KOS is approximately ½” thick.
KOS must be purchased with the Lockey Thick Door Kit (Extension Kit) for the lock you will be using, which is sold separately.

Lockey KOS Add-On Key Override System
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1) You will need a Lockey Thick Door Kit if you want a KOS on both sides or if you are using a double-sided lock. 2) This product is NOT compatible with Lockey 2900 Series locks.

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Usage Information:

You will ALWAYS need a Lockey Thick Door Kit (Extension Kit) with a KOS because each KOS adds an additional 5/8" of thickness. Be sure to account for that when you measure your thickness. Also, note that an extension kit only lets you go up to a maximum of 5" inches total for your door plus any KOS(s).

The KOS is compatible with the following Lockey keyless, keypad locks:
  • 2200
  • 2210/2210DC
  • 2830/2830DC
  • 2835/2835DC
  • 285P Keyless Panic Trim
The KOS is NOT compatible with Lockey 2900 Series locks that are installed on narrow stile doors. The KOS is too wide for a narrow stile and will extend over the edge of the door frame.

This product comes with a small trim plate that goes between the KOS and the lock. However, it does not include one to go between the KOS and the door or gate.

The KOS has a Schlage C 6 pin keyway. It cannot be re-keyed because the key cylinder is attached to the spindle and cannot be removed for re-pinning. However, you can purchase KOS's that are already keyed alike and then re-key any existing locks to match them as long as they all have the same keyway. See Lockey Key-Alike Service


Lockey KOS Key Override System - Installation Instructions (PDF)

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