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Eternity Replacement Latchbolt: Cylindrical, Deadlocking Spring Type

If you want to keep a replacement door latchbolt on hand, you can order one here. This is the same latchbolt that comes in the standard package of parts shipped with all latchbolt locks, so you don't need to order it separately unless you want an extra one.



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The first few numbers of a lock model number determines the lock series. For example, a 2200 lock would be part of the 2000-Series. Each Series may include single and double-sided locks.

Latchbolt Type:


  • PARTS/SERVICES: handy items for replacement, repair, or to just have on hand.


  • If you have a Eternity lock, you will need to order a Eternity latchbolt if you want a spare or a replacement.

  • This is a dead-locking spring latch bolt. This means it has a dead latch mechanism, called a plunger, which slides in and out along its top side. When the door is closed, the strike plate presses in the plunger and prevents the latchbolt from opening independently of the handle. When properly installed, dead-locking latchbolts cannot be opened by sliding a credit card between the door and the door frame.

  • Spring latchbolts are normally extended when the door is ajar. As the door is closed, they come into contact with the strike plate. This pushes the spring latchbolt into a retracted position until the door lines up with the hole in the strike plate. Spring latchbolts can take quite a beating on heavy gates or doors that are slammed shut.

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