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Eternity Replacement Latchbolt: Mortise Type

This mortised lock replacement latchbolt is designed for Eternity E4 locks that are installed on narrow stile doors with a large, rectangular opening for the bolt, as is often found on commercial glass and aluminum storefront doors.

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Where to Use:

Unlike cylindrical latchbolts which fit into a round hole in the edge of a door, mortised latchbolts are designed to fit on doors with a large rectangular opening for the bolt. This is often found on glass and aluminum storefront doors.

Mortised latchbolts lock automatically when you close your door. They come with a special plunger that locks the bolt in place when the door is closed. This security feature prevents someone from inserting something between the door and the frame and prying the bolt open.

When to Order:

Eternity locks are shipped by default with a cylindrical latchbolt. An adjustment needs to be made on an E4 before it can be used with a mortised latchbolt. The manufacturer will do this at no charge, but they need the Eternity lock to do it. Therefore, if you are planning to use a mortised latchbolt on an Eternity E4 lock, it is best to order the lock and this part at the same time. Otherwise, you will have to ship your E4 to/from them at your own expense and go without the lock on your door while they are making the free adjustment for you.


  • The body of the mortise latch is 3-3/4” x 3-5/8” x 5/8” (this is the portion that fits in the ‘pocket’ in the door).
  • The dress mounting plate is 8” long x 1-1/4” wide.

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