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Lockey Replacement Latchbolt: Adjustable Cylindrical-Type for Lever-Handle Locks 1150,2835,3230,3835 (Single or Double-Sided)

This is the latchbolt for Lockey's lever-handle keypad locks. Because it is a spring loaded latchbolt, it will automatically latch and lock a door (or gate) each time it is closed.

This latchbolt's normal position is extended. As the door (or gate) closes, this bolt will come into contact with the strike plate and be pressed back into the door. When the door is fully closed, the bolt will line up with the hole in the strike plate and spring back out into extended postion, latching the door. It has a deadlocking plunger on the side of the bolt to prevent it from being pried open. It is shipped with a spindle and a support pin.

This latchbolt is used with these products: