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Lockey Replacement Latchbolts and Deadbolts (Cylindrical) with Adjustable Backsets (2-3/8 in or 2-3/4 in)

If you have a broken Lockey lock with a cylindrical latchbolt or deadbolt (i.e., a non-mortised style and not a drive-in type, if a deadbolt), you can order a replacement if you know the Lockey model. If you are not sure of the model, see below.

Lockey Cylindrical Latchbolt Locks:

A spring-loaded latchbolt lock will automatically latch and lock a door (or gate) each time it is closed unless you have put it in passage mode. A latchbolt's normal position is extended, like a bedroom. Here are links to help you determine which Lockey deadbolt you have:
  1. Lockey 1150 Heavy-Duty Passage Lever-Handle Latchbolt Lock
  2. Lockey 1150DC Heavy-Duty Passage Lever-Handle Latchbolt Double Lock
  3. Lockey 1600 Heavy-Duty Passage Knob-Handle Latchbolt Lock
  4. Lockey 1600DC Heavy-Duty Passage Knob-Handle Latchbolt Double Lock
  5. Lockey 2830 Passage Knob Latchbolt Lock
  6. Lockey 2830DC Passage Knob Latchbolt Double Lock
  7. Lockey 2835 Passage Lever-Handle Latchbolt Lock
  8. Lockey 2835DC Passage Lever-Handle Latchbolt Double Lock
  9. Lockey 3830 Passage Knob Latchbolt Lock
  10. Lockey 3830DC Passage Knob Latchbolt Double Lock
  11. Lockey 3835 Passage Lever Latchbolt Lock
  12. Lockey 3835DC Passage Lever Latchbolt Double Lock
  13. Lockey M230 Spring Latchbolt Lock
  14. Lockey M230DC Double Spring Latchbolt Lock

Lockey Cylindrical Deadbolt Locks:

A deadbolt lock will not lock or unlock itself automatically. Here are links to help you determine which Lockey deadbolt lock you have:


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Select the Options You Want:

The first few numbers of a lock model number determines the lock series. For example, a 2200 lock would be part of the 2000-Series. Each Series may include single and double-sided locks.


  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a tube-shaped latchbolt that is inserted into a door's edge. These are spring-loaded and lock automatically.
  • DOOR/GATE TYPE: locks for standard doors/gates that swing and are made of wood/vinyl/glass/metal, with/without vertical posts or pickets.
  • FINISHES: silver.
  • INSTALLATION: bolt is inserted into edge of door.
  • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey Parts.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks that can be exposed to the weather on both the outside and the inside.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather All Mechanical-needs no electricity
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