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Lockey Replacement Knob Handle: 1600

This replacement door knob handle lets you convert one of the following Lockey lever-handle locks into a knob-handle lock: This knob will only work on the new 1150’s, ie. the ones with a removable lever handle.


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  • PARTS/SERVICES: handy items for replacement, repair, or to just have on hand.

Reasons to Use

  • To prevent vandals from reaching through or over your gate and pulling up on the lever handle to open your Lockey keyless lock. (Note: you can also use a Lockey 1150DC for this purpose, but a Lockey 1150 Replacement Knob is smaller and hence more affordable.
  • You don't have enough room on one or both sides of your door or gate for a keyless lock with a lever handle.
  • Your dog has learned how to open a lever-handle lock (no kidding! :-) )


Loosen the set screw on the existing lever handle, then remove it and slide this replacement door knob over the protruding bolt, then re-tighten the set screw.


  • This is the door knob replacement only. The locks it fit are sold separately.
  • You can use these Lockey knob handles on either the inside, the outside, or both sides.
  • If you want a knob handle on both sides, be sure to order two as they are not sold in pairs.

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