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Lockey M230DC Double-Keypad Spring Latchbolt Lock

The Lockey M230DC Double-Sided Deadlocking Latchbolt Keypad Lock is a double mechanical keypad lock for doors with a small profile to fit in narrow spaces. It has a knob on both sides. It automatically locks when door is closed.

Lockey M230 Deadlocking Latchbolt Keypad Lock
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Lockey M230DC
Double-Keypad Spring Latchbolt Lock
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  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a tube-shaped latchbolt that is inserted into a door's edge. These are spring-loaded and lock automatically.
  • CODE LENGTH: from all to none of the numbers or letters on the keypad.
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits standard doors (1-1/8" to 2" thick).
  • DOOR/GATE TYPE: locks for cabinet doors on hinges which are typically thinner than most building doors.
  • FINISHES: antique brass; bright brass; bright chrome; jet black; oil rubbed bronze; satin nickel; white.
  • HANDLE: Locks with a thumbturn on the inside that is grasped between thumb and forefinger and rotated; Locks with a thumbturn on the outside that is grasped between thumb and forefinger and rotated.
  • INSTALLATION: bolt is inserted into edge of door; used on metal or wooden door or gate.
  • LOCKS FOR ...: economical locks designed for residential/light commercial use with fewer features, fewer users, and light traffic; locks designed for property owners/managers for Airbnb/VRBO markets with many users, schedules, and remote management features; locks for cabinet doors which are typically thinner than standard doors; locks for commercial/business usage with advanced features, many users, high traffic, and heavy-duty components; mechanical, non-electrical keyless locks without a key override.
  • MAX CODES AT 1 TIME: 1 per keypad.
  • MODES: Locks automatically.
  • NETWORK: none (standalone).
  • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey M Series.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: (locks that cannot be picked or bumped as long as they are not configured with a key cylinder (aka key override).
  • WARRANTY: Life-Time Mechanical Warranty.
  • WAYS TO LOCK/UNLOCK: (unlocks by using a keypad on either the inside or the outside).
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks that can be exposed to the weather on both the outside and the inside.


  • Small profile to fit in narrow spaces
  • Mechanical deadlocking spring latchbolt
  • Easy-to-install number keypad lock
  • One user code
  • Knob on interior and exterior
  • Changeable handing
  • Works with both right and left hand doors
  • This number door lock fits any standard door 1-3/8" to 2" thick
  • Can be installed on a thick door or gate between 2" to 5" thick, just order the Lockey Thick Door Kit
  • Can be installed on a thin door or gate between 1/4" to 1-3/8" thick, just order Lockey Thin Door Kit
  • Comes with an adjustable backset of either 2-3/4" or 2-3/8
  • Trim plate (included) covers a 2-1/8" hole
  • Maximum security with free-spinning stainless steel core shaft that cannot be cut with a hacksaw
  • If you need a single-sided keypad, click here: Lockey M230 Deadlocking Spring Latchbolt Keypad Lock


Life-Time Mechanical Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather High Security All Mechanical-needs no electricity
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