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Eternity PC Software/Audit Trail Kit

The Eternity PC Software/Audit Trail Kit gives you everything you need to quickly and easily program an Eternity E4 and Eternity E6 lock. With this iButton programmer kit, you can view, add, delete, or modify users, access codes, schedules, and privileges using a desktop PC. You can also upload/view/store a log file of the date and time that an Eternity lock was opened with a code, iButton or even the metal key.


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  • ACCESSORIES: items to use with keyless locks (closers, guards, handles, lube, software, stops, security screws, trim plates, etc.).
  • KITS: PC software, cables, adapters, and master iButton for Eternity locks.


If you have more than four or five users to manage or more than one lock to program, chances are pretty good that you will find this USB iButton reader indispensable. With it, you can use your desktop or laptop computer to manage each of your users, their access codes and privileges. And you can also maintain an accurate history of their usage going back in time as long as you want.

With this kit, if you ever want to reset your lock, re-programming the lock with your set of users and access codes will be a breeze. In addition, each of your locks will have precisely the right codes—there is no possibility of a typo, which could easily happen if you program the codes on the lock's keypad.


Here is a overview of what the iButton PC Software/Audit Trail Kit can do for you:

  1. Enroll one or more iButton locks and a special iButton Master Key into the PC software application provided.
  2. Using your PC, set up user names, secret codes, and date/time access periods. 
  3. Download this information from your PC onto the Master Key provided in the Kit. 
  4. Copy this information onto one or more iButton locks, simply by touching the Master Key to the iButton reader on each lock, provided that each lock has been pre-registered and the master code matches.
  5. Upload the audit trail information stored on each lock to the Master Key. 
  6. Move the audit trail information from the Master Key to a desktop or laptop computer.  
  7. Make a backup copy of your users' names, codes, access privileges, and even the audit trail. This backup file is stored in a common format, for easy reading. You can store this file away for safe-keeping or share it with others.

How it Works

Want to know a little bit more about how this is done? Read on...

  • Every iButton lock has a microcomputer embedded inside it and these small processors have a very accurate calendar and time clock. They know about weekdays, weekends, and even Daylight Savings Time, if you use that at your location.
  • Each iButton lock automatically records the date and time it is opened, who opened it, how they opened it (via a keypad code, iButton key tag touch, a metal key, or even a combination of these, depending on how it was set up).  
  • The information on each iButton lock can be transferred from the lock to the master iButton and then from the master iButton to your computer, and vice versa. So, you will always know who entered your secure area, when, and how. 

Track Time & Attendance Tracking

This information recorded is so accurate and the system is so reliable that many companies around the world are using iButtons to keep track of employee time and attendance. Their employees "clock in" by touching their iButton to an iButton reader at a job site. This automatically records the event. The information is then collected and uploaded to a company computer and used to run payroll or feed into employee personnel records.

Since the iButton key tags are inexpensive and virtually indestructible, the key tags are particularly well suited for use in harsh conditions, like an outdoor construction site, extreme weather, or even underwater!

What's in the Kit

The iButton PC Software/Audit Trail Kit has everything you need in one handy package. You only need to purchase it once—it can be used over and over again, with multiple locks, and many users. Here are the kit's components:

  1. PC Software
  2. Installation and User Manual
  3. User License
  4. iButton USB Reader Cable with an iButton receptacle on one end and a USB connector on the other end
  5. Master iButton Key Tag


So, take the hassle out of managing access security for large groups of users and/or locks—instead, do it the easy way with the iButton PC Software/Audit Trail Kit. You'll be glad you did!



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