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Eternity E6 iButton Keypad Lock with Lighted Keypad

Eternity E6 iButton Lock is our most affordable lighted keypad lock for door handles! It features a single-sided keypad and a stronger, more durable door handle.

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Only required if using the PC Software/Audit Trail Kit. Kit sold separately. See link at bottom.

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  • ADA COMPLIANT: Yes, if mounted at proper height.
  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a tube-shaped latchbolt that is inserted into a door's edge. These are spring-loaded and lock automatically..
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits standard doors (1-3/8" to 2" thick); Thick Door Kit available (up to 2-7/8" thick).
  • DOOR/GATE TYPE: (locks for standard doors/gates that swing and are made of wood/vinyl/glass/metal, with/without vertical posts or pickets).
  • HANDLE: Locks with reversible lever-handles which can be used on either left or right side of a door and can be ADA compliant.
  • KEY OVERRIDE: Locks that come standard with a built-in key override for a metal key to provide an additional way to open..
  • LOCKS FOR ...: (locks designed for property owners/managers for Airbnb/VRBO markets with many users, schedules, and remote management features); (locks for commercial/business usage with advanced features, many users, high traffic, and heavy-duty components).
  • SECURITY LEVEL: (locks come with key cylinder (aka key override) that might/might not be pickable or bumpable).
  • WAYS TO LOCK/UNLOCK: (unlocks by using a keyfob that has an iButton); (unlocks by using a keypad on the outside only); (unlocks by using either a metal key OR a keypad).
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks which have a weather-resistant outside lock body but an inside lock body that must be protected from weather.


Choose the right lock for your application and save yourself time and money!

Lock Durability Description
iButton E4
E4 - Medium-Duty to Heavy-Duty - for Residential to Light Commercial Use
Locks with this rating are suitable for use on doors that are opened no more than about 60 times per day, depending on the weight of the door.
iButton E6
E6 - Light-Duty - for Residential Use
Locks with this rating are suitable for use on doors that are opened no more than about 20 to 30 times per day, depending on the weight of the door.

FeaturesIBUTTON LOCK: The E6 iButton/Keypad Heavy-Duty Combination Entry Door Lock

  • lighted keypad: Keypad lights up on first touch for easy use even in dimmly lit corridors.
  • setup up on the keypad or with your PC: The iButton Eternity E6 Lighted Keypad Lock for Door Handles can be programmed either on the keypad or on a PC with the optional PT63 iButton PC Software with Audit Trail Kit (see details below).
  • Handles up to 300 Users: It can control up to 300 users. This can be a mix of keypad codes and iButton key fobs.
  • 4-Ways to Open: The iButton Eternity E6 Keypad/Combination Entry Door Lock can be open by using iButton only, keypad only, iButton and keypad in combination, or metal key.
  • Deletes/Deactivates Individual Users: The iButton Eternity E6 Keypad/Combination Entry Door Lock lets you delete, deactivate, and in-activate users quickly and easily without knowing their unique index code. This useful upgrade means one less thing you need to keep track of.
  • Able to Grant Access for Certain Hours: This lighted keypad lock for door handles can be programmed to grant access only during certain hours based on the day of the week. This is true 7-days a week, 24-hours a day. This is great for employees who need to be in the office only during standard business hours or shift employees who should only have access during their own shift.
  • Has Auto-Lock & Auto-Unlock Feature: The iButton Eternity E6 lock has features that can be programmed to automatically lock or unlock everyday at a specific time. No need to set this up manually at the lock each time. This is a great feature for retail stores or businesses that open and close each day at the same time.
  • Easy backup and disaster recovery: The iButton Eternity E6 can be programmed on the lock or on a PC, using the optional PC Audit Trail Kit. This makes programming much easier and quicker if you have many users or locks. It also provides a backup and disaster recovery, if needed for user codes and audit trail records.
  • Has a Passage Mode: This keypad door handle can be set to a passage mode where no code is needed to open the door, then easily be locked again, with the touch of just one button.
  • Batteries Last an Extra Long Time: Because the keypad light can be disabled, the batteries can last a lot longer than comparable locks.
  • Stands up to Rigorous Use: The upgraded handle on the outside lock body is designed to stand up to rigorous use.
  • Can be Used Inside or Outside: This lock is durable enough to be used either on an external or internal door. If it is going to be used on an external door with direct exposure to rain/sleet/snow, consider purchasing an iButton Protective Lock Cover. This shields the outside lock body from direct exposure to rain and snow and affords the a level of visual privacy when entering a user code.
  • Retrofits on Standard Doors: Like all iButton locks we carry, the iButton Eternity E6 Lock is designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation on standard residential and commercial hinged doors. Just remove the existing door handle or deadbolt and insert this keypad door handle in its place. The batteries are in the inside lock body, so there is no external wiring to be done.
  • Adjustable Lever Handle:The lever handles on the iButton Eternity E6 Keypad/Combination Entry Door Lock are field-adjustable, so you can use it as either a left handed or a right handed lever. This is great if you might move your lock to a new door with hinges on the opposite side.


1. Audit Trail Function Yes, keeps the last 3,200 entries
2. iButton Key or Key Pad Users Up to 300
3. Length of Combination

SW 1-13
No SW 1-11

4. Timed Operation -
Auto Lock/Auto Unlock
Daily or weekly
5. Timed Operation -
Auto Changing Mode
Daily or weekly
6. Timed Operation -
Time Shift User
Daily or weekly
7. Remote Access Yes (iKeypad Software)
8. Storehouse/Classroom Mode Both
9. One Time Usage Codes Yes
10. iButton User Yes
11. On-site Code User Yes (10)
12. Off-site Code User Yes
13. Lock from Inside Yes
14. Daylight Saving Yes
15. Lock Out Function Yes
16. User Key Assignment Method Software + Programming Key
17. Works with PC Software Package Yes
18. Warranty 1 Year

Latchbolt Types & Handedness

With this lock, you have the option to choose a Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt Combo for the Latch Bolt Type below. This is the perfect option if you would like the added safety and convenience of a dead bolt combined with the security of the latch bolt.

How the Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt works: While unlocked, simply turn the handle up to enable (lock) the deadbolt and down to disable (unlock) the deadbolt. The latchbolt parts works just like a regular latchbolt meaning it locks automatically when the door is closed.

We do not recommend using on a narrow stile storefront door because the holes needed for this lock can compromise the strength of the door.

Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt

Installation & Documentation

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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