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LockState RemoteLock WiFi Lever-Handle Latchbolt 6i

This commercial keypad door lock with WiFi is designed for a vacation rental property, home, or office use. It allows you to:
  • lock or unlock doors remotely
  • know when people unlock your door
  • receive text alerts when codes are used
  • issue new codes or delete codes from your computer, SmartPhone, or tablet
  • give temporary codes to guests or office personnel.



Brand-New, Authentic, Manufacturer-Authorized,
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Select the Options You Want:

LockState Finish:

Satin Chrome

LockState Warranty:

1-year (included at no charge)

To purchase a 2-Year or 3-Year Extended Warranty, see Related Products at bottom of page.

This lock comes with a cylindrical latchbolt. It can also work with a mortised latchbolt if ordered at the time of purchase since an adjustment must be made on the lock. This option includes adjustment & mortised latchbolt.

Pay less when you buy more! 1,2

1 This table shows the starting price, not including any additional options.

2 The additional cost of options selected (if any) are not discounted.


  • ADA COMPLIANT: Yes, if mounted at proper height.
  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a tube-shaped latchbolt that is inserted into a door's edge. These are spring-loaded and lock automatically..
  • CODE LENGTH: 4 to 8 digits.
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits standard doors (1-3/8" to 2" thick); Thick Door Kit available (up to 2-7/8" thick).
  • DOOR/GATE TYPE: locks for standard doors/gates that swing and are made of wood/vinyl/glass/metal, with/without vertical posts or pickets.
  • HANDLE: Locks with reversible lever-handles which can be used on either left or right side of a door and can be ADA compliant.
  • KEY CYLINDER: Schlage C6.
  • KEY OVERRIDE: Locks that come standard with a built-in key override for a metal key to provide an additional way to open..
  • LOCKS FOR ...: (locks designed for property owners/managers for Airbnb/VRBO markets with many users, schedules, and remote management features); locks for commercial/business usage with advanced features, many users, high traffic, and heavy-duty components; locks that are designed for exposure to ocean or road salt; weatherproof locks for gates with rectangular (not round) posts like on sheds, barns, and other structures, etc..
  • NETWORK: WiFi-enabled.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: locks come with key cylinder (aka key override) that might/might not be pickable or bumpable.
  • WAYS TO LOCK/UNLOCK: (unlocks with a WiFi signal from a standard Internet router); unlocks by using a keypad on the outside only; unlocks by using either a metal key OR a keypad.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks which have a weather-resistant outside lock body but an inside lock body that must be protected from weather.


  • WiFi enabled commercial door handle lock connects directly to your existing router
  • Weather-proof finish & keypad
  • One-touch lock button to quickly lock door on the way out
  • Up to 1,000 temporary codes or permanent codes at any one time
  • View access history (aka audit trail with unlimited events) in real time from online account
  • Add or delete users and lock or unlock your door remotely
  • Set scheduled access times for users (eg. M-F, 9-5)
  • Choose between passage or storehouse mode
  • Set schedules to passage mode, or even lock or unlock door automatically at scheduled times
  • Set to privacy mode to temporarily disable all user codes
  • Lock out functionality after 5 incorrect attempts
  • Low battery warning
  • Integrated with LockState's Cloud-Based Access Control System (ACS)
  • Has a Schlage C6 key-way which can easily be keyed-alike by a local locksmith or hardware store


  • The RemoteLock LS-6i commercial keypad door lock with WiFi is designed to work smoothly with Airbnb Host Assist to automatically generate and send out guest codes. Read More.
  • It has also been integrated to work with HomeAway to generate codes which can optionally be sent to the Hospitality staff to give out to guests when certain conditions are met (eg full or partial payments).

Web Access Plans:

Although you can program your commercial door handle lock on the keypad, if you are not always at your lock or if you have more than a handful of users, controlling your device over the Web is usually preferred and is surprisingly affordable. After all, this remote commercial door lock is a WiFi product. LockState offers two types of Web Access plans to meet the different needs of their customers:

  1. With the Basic Plan, you get complete control of your device from the LockState Web-based portal. This means you will be able to lock and unlock your door remotely or send our lock a new user code for your neighbor to use. All basic control is included in with the Basic plan.

  2. With the Premium Plan, you get all of the features of the Basic plan, plus some very handy additional ones. For example, with Email/Text Message Alerts, you'll be able to receive a text message whenever a code is used to unlock your door.

You select the Web Access Plan you want and pay for your first year of service online, AFTER you receive your order. The charge is billed annually and is non-refundable. Full instructions on how to do this are included in the box with each WiFi door lock.

Please note: Web Access Plans are frequently enhanced with new features.
Rates and features are subject to change without notice.

LockState WiFi-6i RemoteLock Compared to iButton Eternity 4 Lock

LockState WiFi 6i RemoteLocks have...

  • an upgraded handle
  • a special PVD finish to resist salt water. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) refers to a variety of different vacuum deposition methods which are used produce thin films and coatings to protect the underlying material.
  • keypad numbers glow in the dark, which is powered by ambient light
  • an upgraded motor
  • can not be opened with an iButton currently, even though there is an iButton reader below the keypad

Installation & Documentation

The LockState WiFi-6i RemoteLock is shipped with everything you need in the box. Cick on any link below to watch the videos or download the documentation below.

Latchbolt Types & Handedness

With this commercial keypad door lock, you have the option to choose a Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt Combo for the Latch Bolt Type below. This is the perfect option if you would like the added safety and convenience of a dead bolt combined with the security of the latch bolt.

How the Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt works: While unlocked, simply turn the handle up to enable (lock) the deadbolt and down to disable (unlock) the deadbolt. The latchbolt parts works just like a regular latchbolt meaning it locks automatically when the door is closed.

We do not recommend using this remote keypad door lock with WiFi on a narrow stile commercial door because the holes needed for the lock can compromise the strength of the door.

Mortised Latchbolt/Deadbolt

Key-Alike Service

LockState LS-5i, LS-6i, and the LS-7i locks can all be easily keyed-alike by a local locksmith or hardware store as long as the locks to be keyed-alike all have the same type of key way. This is because the key blades and length are different for different types of key ways.

Here are the types of key ways each LockState lock uses:

  • LS-5i: Kwikset K5 Key Way
  • LS-6i: Schlage C6 Key Way
  • LS-7i: Schlage C6 Key Way

This means that the 5i's can be keyed-alike with other 5i's. The 6i's and 7i's can be keyed-alike with other 6i's and 7i's, but a 5i and 6i combo is not possible. Neither is a 5i and 7i combo.

This is usually not a issue for property managers or associations that need multiple locks because they usually prefer to use the same lock model on all their doors (ie. all all 5i's, all 6i's or all 7i's).

30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather WiFi Enabled_
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