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Locinox MAMMOTH Standard Hydraulic Gate Closer & Hinge System (up to 330 lbs, 5' wide)

Locinox Standard Mammoth/Dino works with virtually any gate lock in all weather conditions. It has 2 self-closing double-bearing 180° hinges for smooth and easy gate movement, adjustable closing speed, and has a final snap. It is a "bolt-on-and-forget system" for fast and easy installation for gates up to 330 lbs. and 5' wide.

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Locinox Mammoth/Raptor Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Gate Closer & Hinge


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Installation Instructions for the Locinox Mammoth/Raptor Hydraulic Gate Closer/Hinges


How to Installl the Locinox Mammoth/Raptor Hydraulic Gate Closer/Hinge

How to Install the Locinox Mammoth-CLB Chain Link Fence Mounting Bracket (sold separately)


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  • FINISHES: black; silver.
  • GATE HARDWARE: hardware that is mounted to a gate to automatically close a gate.
  • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Locinox Gate Closers & Access Control.


  • works with virtually any gate lock
  • designed for gates up to 5' wide and up to 330 lbs.
  • 180° opening and closing angle
  • self-closing double-bearing hinge for smooth and easy gate movement
  • adjustable closing speed and final snap
  • "Active Thermal System" guarantees a constant closing speed, unaffected by weather
  • weatherproof aluminum housing for exterior use
  • patented hydraulic damping for consistent closing speed
  • ADA compliant (< 5 lbs; max 16 Nm(newtons)) for gate widths of 3' or more
  • vandal and tamper proof
  • left and right opening gates
  • bolt-on-and-forget system for fast and easy installation
  • unique, easy-to-use Quick-Fix hardware included
  • bridges a gap of 9/16" to 1-3/8" (square frame gates)
  • 5/8" vertical adjustability
  • 3/4" horizontal adjustability
  • WARRANTY: 3-year guarantee
  • includes both the larger Mammoth closer/hinge which is installed on the top and smaller PUMA hinge which is installed on the bottom.

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