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Eternity Replacement Springs


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The first few numbers of a lock model number determines the lock series. For example, a 2200 lock would be part of the 2000-Series. Each Series may include single and double-sided locks.








If the lever handle on an Eternity lock dangles and does not return to the horizontal position, then you probably need replacement spring.








Springs are available for the either inside and outside lever handles of the Eternity locks listed below. These lever handle springs vary slightly in shape, depending on the lock model and the time of purchase.

To be sure you are ordering the correct spring for your Eternity lock, place your order and then send us separate email noting your order number and including a photo of the inside of the lock body on the side with the broken spring. (This is the side that is normally not visible when the lock is installed because it is touching the door.)

Send your order number and lock photo to:

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