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Lockey Replacement Spindle (aka tail piece)

  • A spindle is a flat metal bar that goes from the outside lock body through the door or gate and fits into the slot on the inside lock body.
  • When you turn the handle, it rotates and retracts the bolt (deadbolt, latchbolt, hookbolt, slide bar, etc) so that the lock can be opened.
  • These spindles are the standard ones that come in the box with Lockey keypad locks, so they only fit standard prep doors.
  • If you have a thick door, you should order the Lockey Thick Door Kit (Extension Kit) which has extra hex bolts and a much longer spindle instead of one of these.



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The first few numbers of a lock model number determines the lock series. For example, a 2200 lock would be part of the 2000-Series. Each Series may include single and double-sided locks.


  • PARTS/SERVICES: handy items for replacement, repair, or to just have on hand.

Additional Information

  • All Lockey lock spindles are flat (like an egg-noodle). They look like a straight line when you look at them end-on, not a star or a square.
  • Some Lockey lock spindles have a twist in them on one end.
  • If you have a lock or spindle with a star-shaped or square spinde, it won't work on a Lockey lock.
  • Door lock spindles are usually a little longer than you need so they can be cut down to whatever length you need. You can do this either by bending the spindle along one of the scored, indented lines (called "break away points") and bending it back and forth to break it or by cutting it with pliers.
  • Spindles should be cut to a slightly shorter length (about 1/8") than the final distance between the lock bodies. This is so that when the lock bodies are screwed tightly onto the door, the spindle ends will extend into the slots in both lock bodies, but their tips will not touch and drag, which would make it difficult to retract the bolt.


Lock Model Spindle Length (approximate)
Lockey 2830 & 2835 3.95 inches
Lockey 1150 & 1600 3.94 inches
Lockey C-Series, M-Series, 2000-Series, & 3000-Series Two spindles:
2.99 inches (30-45mm)
3.38 inches (40-55mm)

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