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Lockey Keyless Key-Safe Box

The Key Safe Box is a small box with a combination lock on the front, which can be removed after entering the code. The back of the Key-Safe Box is designed to be secured to a wall or post. Keys, money, or other small items can be stored inside. The front cover with the keypad is completely removable once you enter the correct combination.
  • Safe and secure way to control who gets access to your keys or other small items
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to change combination
  • Inside box dimensions: 5” H x 1- 1/2” W x 5/8” D
The Key-Safe Box gives you a convenient way to share keys or other small items. It is ideal for giving a realtor access to a property that is for sale or the local police/fire department emergency access to a storefront or and vacation home.


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  • ACCESSORIES: items to use with keyless locks (closers, guards, handles, lube, software, stops, security screws, trim plates, etc.).
  • BOLT TYPE: Wall-mounted keypads that control an electric or magnetic strike and that lock automatically..
  • CODE LENGTH: from all to none of the numbers or letters on the keypad.
  • FINISHES: jet black; satin chrome; satin nickel; white.
  • HANDLE: Keypads which are mounted on wall instead of door and have no handle. These usually control an electric or magnetic strike..
  • INSTALLATION: surface-mounted on wall.
  • KEY OVERRIDE: Locks that do not come with a key override (either standard or as an option).
  • KEYPAD: single-sided (on one side only).
  • LOCKS FOR ...: locks designed for special uses like wine bottles, casement windows, spare keys, etc..
  • MAX CODES AT 1 TIME: 1 per keypad.
  • POWER: none, this product is mechanical.
  • PRODUCT LINE: Lockey Accessories.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: (locks that cannot be picked or bumped because they do not have a key cylinder (aka key override)).
  • WARRANTY: Life-Time Mechanical Warranty.
  • WAYS TO LOCK/UNLOCK: unlocks by using a keypad on the outside only.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks that can be exposed to the weather on both the outside and the inside.


  • Hacksaw-proof, bump-proof and unpickable.
  • Completely weatherproof and can withstand all types of weather.
  • AC power, wires, or batteries aren't needed--this safe is completely mechanical.
  • Power failures don't affect it.
  • Doesn't have a key that can be lost, stolen or copied.
  • Pays for itself the first time you change the combination by saving the cost of a locksmith.

Locking and Unlocking

To unlock, simply enter your secret code on the keypad and turn the knob. Then remove the box cover to access the contents inside.

Key Safe Box

Keyless, Key Pad, Combination Entry Door Deadbolt Lock

Outside Safe Box (without thumb turn)
4-7/8 in
1-1/2 in
7/8 in
Inside Safe Box
1-1/2 in
4 in
1/2 in
Outside Safe Box and Thumb Turn    
4-7/8 in
1-1/2 in
1-7/8 in

Life-Time Mechanical Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee All Weather High Security All Mechanical-needs no electricity
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