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Eternity Door Controller

The Eternity Door Controller has both a keypad and an iButton reader. The keypad door entry system can be used to control access to a door with a wide variety of 12V DC electric or magnetic locking devices.


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  • ADA COMPLIANT: ¬†yes, if mounted at proper height.
  • DOOR TYPE: for interior doors that slide, like sliding doors and pocket doors; for interior doors that swing on hinges.
  • FINISHES: black.
  • HANDING: reversible (can be installed on left or right side).
  • INSTALLATION: surface-mounted on wall.
  • KEYPAD: single-sided (on one side only).
  • MAX CODES AT 1 TIME: 300 (approx).
  • MODES: passage (code not needed to open); scheduled times for autolock/unlock; scheduled times for individual users; storeroom (code needed to open).
  • NETWORK: none (standalone).
  • POWER REQUIRED: 120/240V; 12V DC.
  • PRODUCT LINE: UAccess Eternity Series.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: high security.
  • USAGE: heavy-duty commercial; light-duty commercial.
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year.


  • The handy kit can control almost any 12V DC locking device, including iButton Eternity  Door Controller System Componentsan electronic door strike, a magnetic door strike, a garage door opener, or an even entry door.
  • It comes with an iButton keypad / reader unit which mounts on the exterior of the door.
  • A 2nd iButton reader can be added inside the secured area at an additional cost. This would enable the system to control outbound exits as well as inbound entrances.
  • The steel enclosure which houses the system circuit board mounts inside the secured area anywhere up to 1,000 feet away.
  • This device can be programmed using the iButton PC Software with Audit Trail Kit which can grant or deny access on an individual basis by day or even by hour.


  • Controller circuit board for the keypad/ iButton reader
  • Power supply with integrated battery charger
  • Backup battery (12 volt, lead/gel type)
  • Steel enclosure (12in x 12in x 4in) with hinged lid, lock, and keys
  • Installation fasteners
  • Keypad with integrated iButton reader
  • Keypad installation tool


This unit can be used to control the following types of locking devices:

  • 12 volt electric or magnetic locking device, such as an electric strike, magnetic strike, or magnetic latch.
  • Push to Exit switch (REX)
  • One additional iButton-only reader (not the digital keypad)
  • Compatible with almost any panic bar with a magnetic strike

Typical Connections

There are many ways to connect the the controller to an exit device. Here are some of the more common methods:

  1. Dry Relay Contact:

    Install jumper on J10 (this is the shipping default)
    Connect to COM and NO for Normal Open contact.
    Connect to COM and NC for Normal Close contact.
  2. Wet Relay Contact:

Remove jumper from J10
Install the jumper J11 
Connect the Normal Close (NC) or Normal Open (NO)
      to the positive side of the exit device,
Connect the Ground (GND) to negative side of the exit device.


Width: 2.4 inches
Height: 5.14 inches
Depth: 1.00 inch 


  • Power Supply: 12V, 3A
  • Main Relay: 12V, 5A
  • Operating Temp: -18 degrees C to +70 degrees C (0 degrees F to +158 degrees F)
  • Power Consumption: 15 mA unloaded, 1.5A Maximum


30-Day Money Back Guarantee High Security
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