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Lockey EC790 Electronic Locker Lock

The Lockey EC790 is an easy-to-install and ultra-low maintenance lock for lockers. It fits most standard metal lockers “out of the box”. Simple click together, fit with 2 nuts to secure. Designed to work with locking bar lifter.

Lockey EC-790 Electronic Locker Lock
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Lockey EC Series User Modes: Public, Private, & RAS
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Lockey Cabinet Locker Lock Comparison Table

How to install the Lockey EC790 Electronic Locker Lock:


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Select the Options You Want:

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(see description of RAS below the Specifications section)

Additional options are available:

*** Lockey RAS Setup Fee for 25 or fewer Lockey Electronic locker locks.
*** Custom Color (call for details)


  • POWER: batteries not included.


  • Easy and inexpensive to operate
  • Key override is standard
  • Keypad orientation can be left, right, or vertical--install this lock any way you want--the numbers will be right-side up
  • Uses battery power so sparingly that each lock typically provides up to 80,000 operations per pair of AA batteries
  • Public Mode or Private Mode (see below)
  • RAS (Remote Allocation System) option makes it easy to administer many locks from a central location (see below)
  • Types of codes: 8-digit master code, 4-digit user codes, and 6-digit technician code (see below)
  • Auto unlock mode (can be turned on/off)
  • Audible key press (can be turned on/off)
  • Low battery indicator light
  • If you would prefer an electronic lock lock, see the Lockey EC790 Electronic Locker Lock.

Lockey Cabinet/Locker Locks - Public vs Private Modes

  • PUBLIC MODE - used for locks in public spaces such as fitness locker rooms, shared work spaces, festivals,  amusement parks, etc.
    In this mode, each person gets to set their own code after they put their things in the locker. The code is only good until the lock is opened. The lock only knows the current code and does not store any previous codes. To prevent people from keeping a lock indefinitely, an administrator can optionally set up a time when these locks will unlock automatically until the next use. Once people are aware of this procedure, they no longer try to store items for extended periods.

  • PRIVATE MODE - used for locks in private spaces such as cabinets, lockers, drawers, etc.
    In this mode, the administrator assigns a permanent code for the lock and gives it to an individual or group. The lock only knows one code, which is shared among one or more people. After someone enters the code, the lock will open and remain open for 4 to 5 seconds before it automatically re-locks. It will never stay unlocked permanently.

Lockey Cabinet/Locker Locks - Types of Codes and Who Should Have What

  • The Master Code will grant access to ALL programming functions on the locks, so it is usually only given to the administrative personnel. It can also be used to open all locks.  When used, this code will delete the currently defined user code on the lock.

  • The Submaster Code and the Tech Code will open all locks, but not allow them to be reprogramed.

  • For example, the Principle or Supervisor will often have the Master Code, the Assistant Principle or Assistant Manager will have the Submaster Code, and all maintenance workers and/or technical staff will have the Tech Code. Then, if any of those people leave their job, only one code will have to be changed. 

Lockey Cabinet/Locker - Remote Allocation System (RAS)

The Remote Allocation System (RAS) is an online code management system that allows administrators to remotely manage all locks without having to go to each lock. It is an easy way to organize all of your lock information, codes, and personnel information...all in one place. RAS has a graphical user interface and a secure online database. It allows you to easily change many or all lock codes at once, as follows:

  1. Select locks to be updated.
  2. Click “Manage.”
  3. Click “Advance lock codes and the next user code is now available.

Through the online portal, administrators can do the following:

  • View a detailed overview of all locks being managed, including the serial number, location of the lock, and who the lock is currently allocated to
  • Allocate new codes and users to each individual lock
  • Manage, amend, and update all other aspects of each individual lock, including the code, allocate the lock to a different user, and modify all lock details

Lockey Cabinet/Locker Lock Details

Power 2 x AA Battery-Alkaline (included)
Operations Up to 80,000 cycles per pair of AA batteries
Low Battery LED lights with battery condition indicator
Material Zinc diecast
Keys Metal - 2 included with each lock
Finish Powder coated
Environment For Indoor use (except EC-781 model)

Lockey Cabinet/Locker Warranty

  • Three-Year Electronic Warranty from the manufacturer
    This covers manufacturing defects to the electronics of the electronic locker lock. Use of a non-synthetic lubricant will damage this lock and will not be covered under the warranty. The Three-Year Electronic Warranty does NOT cover the finish of the lock or defects resulting from vandalism or improper installation or use.

Lockey Cabinet/Locker Locks Documentation

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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