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Eternity E4 Mortise Mounting Adjustment

This item contains the special mounting hardware and adjustments that are needed to setup an Eternity E4 that as a cylindrical latchbolt so that it can accept a mortised latchbolt.


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  • ADA COMPLIANT: Yes, if mounted at the proper height.
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits standard doors (1-3/8" to 2" thick).

If you purchase an Eternity E4 with the mortised latchbolt option, you will NOT need to order this--your E4 will come correctly configured to accept a mortised latchbolt. This is only needed for locks that were originally ordered with a cylindrical latchbolt.

The E4 Mortise Mounting Kit includes:

  • 2 plates (front and back)
  • 3 posts
  • 2 screws

You will need 1 kit for each E4 that you want to convert.

IMPORTANT: the manufacturer does not recommend that customers install this kit themselves. While possible, it is likely that a number of small internal springs and parts will end up flying across the room when the lock is opened to replace the backing plates. Furthermore, opening the inside of the lock will void any lock warranty still in effect. For best results, they recommend sending your lock back to them and letting them do this instead. We carry this kit on our website so that you can order and pay for it before you send it in, and also because we realize that some customers may prefer to do this themselves and/or may not be able to go without a lock for an extended time.

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