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Lockey SL910 SlimLine Keypad Deadbolt Lock

Lockey SL910 is an affordable-yet-stylish, low-profile deadbolt keypad lock that is designed to take the place of an existing deadbolt. It is considered an electronic AND mechanical lock so the batteries last longer. Because this door deadbolt lock is electronic, it can have up to 20 user codes, each 4 to 10 digits long. The keypad is backlit for easy use at night or in dark hallways. The manual drive deadbolt of the code lock extends battery life because users turns the knob to retract the deadbolt. Batteries typically last for about 22,000 cycles (operations). The door code lock also has a unique clutch function to increase security protection as well as a low battery LED indicator so you'll have plenty of notice when they need changing.

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  • BOLT EXTENSION: Approximately 1" from the door to the edge of the extended bolt.
  • BOLT TYPE: Locks with a small, tube-shaped deadbolt which is inserted into the edge of a door. These are typically locked manually..
  • CODE LENGTH: 4 to 10 digits.
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits standard doors (1-1/8" to 2" thick).
  • DOOR/GATE TYPE: locks for standard doors/gates that swing and are made of wood/vinyl/glass/metal, with/without vertical posts or pickets.
  • FINISHES: antique brass; bright brass; oil rubbed bronze; satin nickel.
  • HANDLE: Locks with key cylinder on the outside and has a thumbturn on the inside.
  • INSTALLATION: bolt is inserted into edge of door.
  • KEY: can be keyed alike; comes with 2 keys.
  • KEY CYLINDER: Kwikset.
  • KEY OVERRIDE: Locks that come standard with a built-in key override for a metal key to provide an additional way to open..
  • KEYPAD: single-sided (on one side only); single-sided, illuminated on 1 side.
  • LOCKS FOR ...: economical locks designed for residential/light commercial use with fewer features, fewer users, and light traffic; locks designed for property owners/managers for Airbnb/VRBO markets with many users, schedules, and remote management features; locks designed for special uses like wine bottles, casement windows, spare keys, etc.; locks for cabinet doors which are typically thinner than standard doors; locks for commercial/business usage with advanced features, many users, high traffic, and heavy-duty components; locks for lockers with very thin doors usually made of metal or wood; locks that are designed for use on thin trailer doors.
  • MAX CODES AT 1 TIME: 20 user codes.
  • MODES: storeroom (code needed to open).
  • NETWORK: none (standalone).
  • POWER: batteries - 3 AAA Alkaline batteries.
  • SECURITY LEVEL: (locks that cannot be picked or bumped as long as they are not configured with a key cylinder (aka key override); (locks that intended for personal use only in non-critical situations).
  • WARRANTY: 1-Year.
  • WAYS TO LOCK/UNLOCK: unlocks by using a keypad on the outside only; unlocks by using either a metal key OR a keypad.
  • WEATHER RESISTANCE: Locks where both sides are designed for indoor use only; Locks which have a weather-resistant outside lock body but an inside lock body that must be protected from weather.


  • Electronic/mechanical combination deadbolt
  • Manual drive deadbolt saves power
  • Interior keypad door lock takes place of existing deadbolt
  • Key override
  • Backlit keypad
  • Automatic lock-down on wrong user code entry
  • Up to 20 user keypad codes
  • 4-10 digit user keypad codes
  • Low battery alarm
  • Audible key press
  • Reversible handing
  • Clutch function for increased security

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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