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Lockey Mounting Tabs for 2900 Series

You might want to order a set of these small mounting tabs (or clips) if you plan to install a Lockey 2900-Series keyless lock on a door that has an open hole where the latch will go and has no inset area. These mounting tabs go inside the door, screw into the top and bottom holes and have an angled piece of metal that creates that inset hole for the latch to screw into.

However, if you are going to use a Lockey Gate Box like the GB2900-LINX, GB900, or GB950, then you won't need these tabs. This is because the screw holes for these gate boxes are already recessed (see red circles) and your Lockey 2900-Series keypad lock will mount flush with the outside of the door or gate.

For more details, click on the thumbnail image below of the installation diagram to view an enlarged image.


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  • ACCESSORIES: items to use with keyless locks (closers, guards, handles, lube, software, stops, security screws, trim plates, etc.).
  • DOOR THICKNESS: fits narrow-stile doors (1-3/4" thick).

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