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Custom Lock Programming Service

If you would like to have your new lock pre-programmed with a custom code of your choice, add this item to your cart.



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Select the Options You Want:

IMPORTANT: Please choose a code that does not have repeating digits. Also, for a double-side lock, enter 2 secret codes and add 2 to Cart.


  • PARTS/SERVICES: handy services like master key, key-alike, custom programming, shipping, order adjustments, etc..


  • All Lockey keyless mechanical locks are shipped with a random secret code chosen by the factory during the manufacturing process.

  • If you don't want your new lock set to a random factory code, no problem. With our keyless entry programming, we can customize your initial secret code for you to whatever you like before your lock is shipped to you. Once you get it, of course, you can change the code at anytime. This is handy if you are having someone else install it for you when you are not there, as in a vacation home.

  • To have us set up your lock with a custom code, just enter the secret code you want in the box in the Options area above and click Add to Cart. Your secret code can be any combination of letters or numbers that you can see on the keypad except for the "C" key which is used to clear out any previous key presses. Keypads vary depending on the model of the lock, so look at the pictures of the lock you want when choosing a code.

  • Each Lockey keypad has 5 red and 10 blue tumblers. This allows for a code that is from 3 to 5 digits or letters long. If you would like fewer or more letters or numbers in your secret code, just add PT05 Tumblers to your cart.

  • Lockey mechanical locks do not support repeating numbers or letters in the code. So, "1234" is a valid code, but "1123" and "1213" are not. This is because the number "1" is used more than once.

  • Keep in mind, there is a charge for each keypad lock programmed. So, for a single-sided lock, add 1 to your cart. For a double-sided lock, add 2 to your cart, if you want us to program both sides.

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