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Lockey Key Blank

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PT19 Key Blank

Keyless Keypad Combination Entry Door Key


For your protection, our key blanks are NOT available in stores, but you can order a key blank from us here and have your locksmith make a copy for you.

  • First, you will need to determine if you have a lefthanded or righthanded key. To do this, hold your key in your hand as if you were going to insert it into your lock. Make sure that the teeth of the key are pointing up. Then, look to see what side of your key the groove is carved into. This is a pencil-thin groove that runs along the length of the key below the teeth.
    • If the groove is on the left,then you need a LEFTHANDED key blank.
    • If the pencil-thin groove is on the right, then you need a RIGHTHANDED key blank.
  • Select the proper option for you and add to your cart.
  • Then, in the special instructions box during checkout, be sure to specify the number on your key, if you know it. Or, if you don't know it, let us know why.
  • Lastly, include the mailing address and email address you used to place your original lock order if it has changed since you purchased your lock. If you don't know it, then tell us as much as you can about your order, so that we can identify you as the original customer.