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3. Automatic Locking (Latchbolt Locks)

Keyless locks that will latch and hold a door or gate closed automatically are called latchbolt locks. These all have a deadlocking, spring-loaded cylinder that slides along the inside edge of the bolt. This cylinder will not fit into the strike plate hole, so it will be depressed when the door is closed. This prevents the latch from being pried open.

The bolt on a latchbolt lock usually extends 1/2" out from the edge of the door when in the locked position. It also has a diagonal-cut end instead of a flat one, as is seen on a deadbolt. 

Below is a list of our automatically locking keyless locks which come with a spring-loaded latchbolt  Click to choose the type of lock you want. Then you'll be able to view individual locks, see the available finishes for each one, and place your order.

If instead, you want a lock which you have to turn and lock manually, click here to view our Manually Locking (Deadbolt Locks).


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