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Panic Shield Kits

Save time and money when you order a Panic Shield Kit which has the items you need to be up and running fast.

Types of Kits: 

STANDARD          fits standard doors and gates; all kits include a strike bracket.
EDGE brings panic bar closer to strike; has reduced strike size & protrusion; include a latch protector & jamb stop.

Types of Panic Bars: 

Detex V-40  high quality; available with an option for a weatherized finish.
Detex V-40xEBW same as above, but with an additional option for a weatherized alarm.
Lockey PB1100 affordable and highly reliable; our most popular model; designed to fit standard doors.
Lockey PB2500 new, virtually pry-proof design; comes with a patented interlock latch and strike; latch rotates to engage and grip the specially-designed strike; an interlocking mechanism within the chassis offers a double-interlocking system, making it virtually impossible to tamper with, pry, or force open.
Lockey PB2500AL     same as above, but with an alarm.