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Compare Lockey Finishes

The colors shown below are specifically for Lockey locks. However, other manufacturers have similar colors, even though they may vary slightly.

Keypad Combination Door Lock Colors

  1. All Lockey locks have the same color (finish) on both sides—the inside lock body and the outside lock body.
  2. Not all finishes are available on every keyless lock model.
  3. All finishes are guaranteed to be completely weatherproof. However, the finish can be damaged by a sharp edged tool like a screw driver, so handle with care during installation. Scratches to the finish are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. For salt water environments, we recommend order one of the Marine Grade finishes because they have been specially developed for this purpose and will last longer in a harsh, corrosive, salt environment.
  5. When ordering a key override, please select a finish that matches the lock you are ordering.
  6. When ordering an over-sized knob, you may select any available finish.
  7. If the finish you want does not show up when adding the lock to your cart, it is usually not available. Feel free to contact us for more details on when we expect to have it in back in stock.